Republicans propose replacement after they repeal Obamacare

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A plan revealed today and endorsed by nearly 170 House Republicans would repeal Obamacare in total and then introduce a number of tweaks to the many past healthcare laws in an effort to reduce costs and increase competition.

A summary of the 192 page proposal can be read here. Take a look. It is far from perfect, but its main advantage, from what I can see, is that it doesn’t try to fiddle with Obamacare, it gets rid of it and then attempts to make changes to the laws that had existed before Obamacare was passed.

In other words, it tries to do what should have been done back in 2010, when the Democrats forced their crap bill (which most of them didn’t read) down our throats without any negotiations.

Should the Supreme Court rule that the Obamacare subsidies are illegal and the press tries to falsely blame Republicans for that disaster, this bill should be noted as a reasonable offer to solve the problem.



  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    Obama, a tool, and most American politicians are tools, un American and certainly un Constitutional. This will have to be stopped.

  • Jake V

    The Republicans are very late to the game, but this is a reasonable way forward. The issue is going to be can they get enough votes to pass it in both houses, and then to override a presidential veto.

    Also, it looks to me that even if the Supreme Court finds that Obamacare does not allow subscribers in states without exchanges, it appears that all a state will need to do is to create an exchange on paper and then hand everything else back to the federal government. So this may by a Pyrrhic victory for conservatives.

  • “All a state will need to do is to create an exchange on paper and then hand everything else back to the federal government.”

    Since most of the states that refused to create an exchange did so because they opposed Obamacare, I doubt those states are going suddenly decided to participate now. If the court rules against Obama here, it increasingly appears that the Republicans are going to let the Democrats sit in their own stink, at least for awhile.

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