Republicans vent frustration over their internal battles over stopping Obamacare.

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Republicans vent frustration over their internal battles over stopping Obamacare.

I link this article, describing the conflicts within the Republican Party over tactics, to note that while these idiots and the press (both liberal and conservative) are focusing on these minor differences, the main point is being completely missed: The Democrats just voted again to endorse Obamacare and make sure that horrible law stays in force.

We know that almost every Republican wants to stop and repeal this law. All they are arguing over is tactics. What counts here is that the Democrats still support Obamacare, and have just demonstrated this to every voter. If the Republican leadership had any brains (something I sincerely now doubt), they would be focusing on this fact in every conversation with the press, continually. Similarly, the conservative press is acting stupid as well, focusing on these minor tactical battles rather than the fact that the Democrats continue to support this disaster of a law, despite the harm it is doing to Americans.



  • R. Cotour

    The strategy is to get to the last minute of the last day of the last hour where panic reigns and see who blinks as it relates to public perception.

    These are the facts related to “Obamacare” and what the people of America have to understand:

    1. The paradigm shifting and IMO un Constitutional, people controlling, personal responsibility negating and infantilizing law was passed solely by the liberal Democrats due to a short lived anomalous power shift where the Dems controlled the Congress, Senate and the presidency.

    2. The fact that the Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court, being the tie breaking vote in the court rewrote his original opinion that, as I understand it, was against the bills passage and changed it, for a reason that we will never know. In addition instead of judging the law as it was written and presented to the court by the legislature the Chief Justice actually rewrote the law. I do not believe that is his job, maybe its just me.

    3. The complexity of the law, being 2700 pages and (you will not believe this) some 20,000 pages, as I understand it, of controlling text. Something that big and with so many rules can be twisted to mean anything and ultimately the government and the people who inhabit government and administer it will pervert it even more. Anyone who controls how, who, when and how much healthcare you can receive owns you. The complete antithisis of the intention of the founders of the country.

    These are my three foundational reasons to push back against this Obamination, there are many more. We all have a responsibility to properly understand what is going on and cut through all of the strategic confusion that is floating around in the media and in government. Our system is designed to be locked in the battle of debate.

  • Edward

    “The strategy is to get to the last minute of the last day of the last hour where panic reigns and see who blinks as it relates to public perception.”

    This game of chicken frightens me, too. The Republican leadership has a track record of blinking early and often. Indeed, they even blinked in the senate over cloture, yesterday.

    “I do not believe that is his job, maybe its just me.”

    Several of us are angry that he unilaterally changed his job description. Too bad we don’t have a way to get him out of “office.” Where is the recall-election option when we need it?

    It is looking more and more like we will have to learn to feel good about belonging to the government after all.

  • R. Cotour

    Ultimately, in time, the Constitution must prevail, there is no way around it. I believe that Bohner has either waited for the right time and or has had his come to Jesus moment compliments of Ted Cruz and will be obligated to take this to the max. In the end at the minimum there will probably be a 1 year extension on the individual mandate. That is the most reasonable that both sides can be and that’s because of all of the presidents cherry picking who “he” the Lord God has given exemptions to allows a logic to be drawn from it. And then there will be the 2014 elections.

    I do not “fear” a shut down, just like the sequester, only positives will come from it as it relates to the budget and spending in the long run. What must be kept in mind is that the scheme of the Constitution is to promote conflict and battle to the point that when there is no consensus between the party’s it gets locked up, just like it is right now. Just because the president has been reelected does not mean that he gets to do what ever he wishes. That is a very false string of logic that is being sold.

    Remember, all empowered politicians of either party are the enemy of the peoples freedoms, all of them. They are transformed upon empowerment and when they assume their positions of administration their tendency is to abuse the power that they have been given. That in an nut shell is what the Constitution is about, counter balancing that nature. Let the system work as it was designed to work and not as empowered politicians want it to work.

  • Tom Billings

    I have seen several strategic comparisons to the Texan War of Independence, in which even losing the Alamo, having defended it for longer than believed possible with the Texan force there, was a strategic victory, in preparation time for the Texan Army and in propaganda for Texas. The idea is that even if the Republicans lose in this fight, they will force Democrats to choose Obamacare over keeping the rest of government running.

    The problem? It seems too many senior Republicans see themselves as Jim Bowie and Davy Crocket, rather than Sam Houston at San Jacinto.

  • Edward

    I didn’t mean to suggest that you feared a government shutdown, just the “blink” of the Republicans. My use of the phrase “game of chicken” was unfortunate, as it means that if one side does not chicken out then there will be a wreck. We have survived government shutdowns before, sometimes for weeks, without too much inconvenience.

    If the Republicans blink now, then it will only embolden their opponents, as they will appear (and be) weak. Then their opponents might “negotiate” by saying such things as “I will not negotiate” or other phrases that say “it’s my way or the highway” thinking that they can get away with it. Oh, wait – it is too late, they already do say those things.

    Sequestration didn’t have the negative effects that had been advertised, although the administration tried his darnedest to make them come true. Those parts that did affect people in a serious way, such as the airline situation, were corrected quickly. A well-run government quickly corrects such problems. Oh, wait – maybe we should fear the shut-down after all.

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