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Research: Those who get the jab are intolerant and eager to discriminate

According to a new peer-reviewed research paper in Nature that studied more than 15,000 people in 21 countries, those who chose to get COVID shots are strongly intolerant of those who have not, and express that intolerance with an eagerness to deny others their human rights.

The research found that vaccinated people express discriminatory attitudes towards individuals who are unvaccinated at levels as high as or higher than discriminatory attitudes directed towards other common targets of prejudice, such as immigrant populations or people who struggle with drug addiction. On the whole, this prejudice tends to be one-sided; only in the USA and Germany do the authors find that unvaccinated individuals feel some antipathy towards those who are vaccinated, although no statistical evidence of negative stereotyping or exclusionary attitudes towards these latter individuals were observed. Researchers also found evidence in support of discriminatory attitudes against the unvaccinated in all countries except Hungary and Romania and find that discriminatory attitudes are more strongly expressed in cultures with stronger cooperative norms.

You can read the paper here.

I can guess that the higher level of anger by the unjabbed to the jabbed in the U.S. is directly because the discrimination and intolerance imposed by the jabbed, such as Joe Biden’s shot mandates, violated what Americans consider their fundamental Constitutional rights. Who wouldn’t be hostile to someone who illegally cost you your job, your career, or even all your social contacts, because you didn’t want to get a COVID shot?

The study however is in general very depressing, because it tells us that the open-mindedness and toleration that was the hallmark of western civilization is largely gone. The future, built by the intolerant attitudes of today’s majority populations, will be a vicious and narrow-minded place.

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  • pzatchok

    Intolerance is why they rushed to get the jab in the first place. They think they are superior to all the rest of the commoners.

    If they can not be actual members of the intelligencia they can act like it and follow their orders as fast as possible.

  • Cotour

    From the real world:

    The other day a customer comes in, he is an older gentleman who always has a joke ready.

    He comes in, makes a purchase, and no joke.

    I ask him, no joke today?

    And he proceeds to tell me: I just spent the last 10 days in the hospital, I cannot remember anything.

    Well, what happened?

    The afternoon that I received a Covid booster, that was about two weeks ago, I woke up at 1 in the morning and I could not remember anything, I thought I was having a stroke. It took me one hour to figure out how to use my phone so I could call an ambulance.

    I cannot remember any jokes, I can’t remember anything, but I am getting better.

    What did your doctor say?

    He said that he has heard of symptoms like this have happened after getting the Covid shot!

    Which I whole heartedly agreed with, I heard firsthand many, many stories as well as read about similar.

  • Cotour

    Some interesting backup data from Germany:

    Covid related?

    mRNA Covid “Vaccine” shot related?

    Hmmmmm? What could it be?

  • DefendUSA

    I hear many people say, “You do you.” But, alas, they don’t live by it. I cannot talk about the shots because I really get angry that the lettered agencies are clearly ignoring outcomes and still the DHS is promoting that a shot is better than not. NO. And the “long Covid” bologna, too. This has helped tear the country apart, as much as all the CRT and LGBTQ stuff has and it’s horrid. I grieve for this country and what has happened to trusted entities for the last 30 years. I don’t care if you got a shot or not, but those who kept saying wear masks, get the shot in my world? 3 are dead. All healthy 50+…jabbed to the 9’s. I am not jabbed and have natural immunity. It breaks my heart.

  • Edward

    Aren’t the ones who got the shot most likely to be the frightened ones? Being intolerant of those who didn’t get the jab is part of the nature of their fear. My county has it the other way around, though: those who did not get the shot are vulnerable to getting the Wuhan flu from those who did get the jab (the jab turned people into biohazards), so those who got the jab were once required to wear masks anyway, and now they are only highly encouraged to wear masks.

    Aren’t the ones who got the shot most likely to be the liberals? Being intolerant of those who think or act differently is part of the nature of their liberalism. For these leftists, everyone must do as they are told (by The Party) or else be shunned and not tolerated.

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