Ringo Starr to be knighted

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Ringo Starr, who grew up in the poorest of situations and was so sickly that he ended up getting almost no education, will be knighted by the Queen of England in the coming year.

The article paints a great picture of Starr, who always came off as the nicest and most endearing Beatle, and whose abilities on the drums in many ways cemented the band’s musical style. What makes my heart sing about this story however was how it demonstrates that it is still possible in the English-speaking world to come from nothing and rise to greatness. Starr’s poor background could have led to any number of bad ends, but he instead chose to play drums, and ended up helping to change the world’s musical culture.



  • wayne

    Ringo’s Theme, (This Boy)
    A Hard Days Night 1964 clip

  • Jwing

    Ringo is left handed as well as McCartney. With a prevalence of left-handedness in the general population of approximately 10%, I have to wonder about this fact’s significance and impact on the Beatles artistically being composed of 50% left-handed musicians.
    Ringo’s style is unique in that he played with a right-handed kit yet lead with his left hand around the drums.

  • Phill O

    A friend of mine indicates the percentage of left handed people in prison was greater than %50 (his experience anyway).

    I am left handed too.

    Merry Christmas and hope you all have a great New Year.

  • Given the quality of musicians knighted, you’d have a very exclusive Knights of the Rock Table.


  • Phil Berardelli

    Well said, Bob. I’ve always thought John and Paul were the creative forces behind the Beatles but Ringo and George held its heart and much of its appeal.

  • ken anthony

    IDK, knighthood seems a silly concept today, not to take anything away from Starr. Ringo was a great caveman though! Not as pretentious as the other three.

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