Rising sales of US Constitution put Homeland Security on alert!

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A surge of book sales that pushed the US Constitution into the top ten best seller list of the Conservative Book Club has caused federal officials to put the Department of Homeland Security on “full alert.”

“This is just the type of abnormal behavior that should trigger a high state of vigilance,” Secretary Jeh Johnson declared. “We expect a few loud-mouthed right-wing politicians to repeatedly harp on whether some action taken by the government is constitutional. But we can’t afford to overlook tens of thousands of ordinary citizens reading such seditious literature.”

The site calls itself “Semi-News/Semi-Satire”. It is tragic how accurate that title is.



  • Cotour

    Jeh Johnson by saying these words ” But we can’t afford to overlook tens of thousands of ordinary citizens reading such seditious literature.” establishes the founders entire premiss in the Constitution: the government is the natural enemy in many ways to the peoples freedoms.

    The head of HLS calls the Constitution a seditious document, and from his point of view he is correct.

  • You do realize that this article was a satire? Your comment suggests that you don’t.

  • Cotour

    Which part is satire and which part is news? If its satire I did not realize it because of the ” ” marks. It reads like news to me. Nothing would surprise me as far as what is going on in the news in general and this administration in particular.

    Maybe that is the goal, get the public to the point where they can not distinguish between news and satire or lies. I originally put a question mark at the end of this last sentence, then I thought for a half of a second and then removed it.

  • Cotour

    I would think the story about the global warming doubters arrest would be the satire, but that is the real deal?.

    ” Continuing in what is becoming a pattern for the left, another global warming advocate has called for the arrest of anyone who dares question the existence of human-caused global warming.”

  • PeterF

    Unfortunately, secretary Johnson is such a piece of work that it is almost believable that he might say something similar ( but not so clearly provocative). I am reminded of the tone of his E-mails when those dastardly republicans were threatening to shut down the DHS. I could forward them if you like.

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