Rising tensions between India and Pakistan

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One day after India completed an air strike in Pakistan on what it called a “militant group” responsible for a suicide bombing that killed more than 40 Indian soldiers earlier in February, Pakistan now claims it has shot down two Indian jets near the border between the two countries.

Why should we care?

The escalation, many fear, has increased the risk of a full-fledged military confrontation between the two nuclear-armed countries. The biggest worry for the international community at the moment is that this could lead to a nuclear confrontation. Although, both countries have played down the risk of a nuclear war, regional and international players remain watchful.

The possibility of nuclear war? No big deal, and far less important than watching and being absorbed by Congressional testimony of a convicted liar whose life, no matter how odious, has been destroyed not because of anything he actually did but because he simply happened to be the lawyer for Donald Trump.



  • Cotour

    It promises to be a short war.

  • Michael

    It could pretty much put paid to my planned trip to India.

    Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

  • “Why should we care?”

    I might care a little bit because there is a significant population of Indians and Pakistani (Pok-e-stan cf. Obama) where I live; some of whom are my customers. But I don’t think anyone is in a real big hurry to be That Guy: the second country to use nuclear weapons in anger.

  • Chris Lopes

    Nobody wants to be That Guy, but things have a way getting out of control. The Indian military is significantly bigger than the Pak military, so if it really hits the fan, nukes might look like a viable option. Never underestimate the human capacity for self-destruction.

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