Rivers and lakes on Pluto?

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Cool image time! Though the New Horizons science team will likely not issue their next press release until Friday, they appear to be posting new images on their website on a daily basis. From those images I pulled out the one below, which to fit I have cropped and reduced slightly in size. Be sure to go to the full image.

Do you see what I see? It appears that there are meandering braided dry streambeds on Pluto, draining into what appears to be a large basin.

Rivers and lakes on Pluto?

Assuming my guess of what this is is correct, this is obviously not a streambed created by water. Earlier images showed nitrogen ice flows and glacier-like geology. It is possible this new image is observing evidence of past nitrogen riverbeds and nitrogen lakes.

Expect a very interesting press release from New Horizons later this week.


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