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Rogozin: Lift sanctions by end of March or else!

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russia’s Roscosmos space corporation that runs all of that nations aerospace industry, yesterday demanded that Europe and the U.S. lift its sanctions against Russia by end of March or he would take further action against them.

“We will wait until the end of March. The lack of response or a negative response would be a basis for our decision,” he said, without specifying what kind of decision it would be.

According to the official, the space corporation was not going to yield to the sanctions.

One immediately asks, what happens at the end of March? Why time further space-related actions then?

Well, the only area in which Russia is still cooperating with the west in space is on ISS. At the end of March, Russia will bring home American astronaut Mark Vande Hei using its Soyuz capsule. This suggests that once Vande Hei comes home, Rogozin will announce that Russia will no longer fly any western astronauts to ISS on its rockets or capsules. He might also further announce actions that will accelerate the end of the ISS partnership, including laying out Russia’s schedule for adding modules to its half of ISS and then detaching it from the station.

If so, good. Such an action will bring clarity to the station’s remaining days, forcing NASA to make sure the station can function after the Russian half is gone. It will probably quicken the development of Axiom’s modules to the station, and might encourage the private construction of other modules to pick up the slack left by the Russian exit.

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  • LocalFulff

    Who cares what Rogozin says? He could take a hike on his trampoline.

    I think that this hyper-sonic missile fired on a weapons depot in Ukraine today, which truly looks like one since its ablative shield burns so brightly already in the atmosphere, is a message that asks the American admirals:

    “- Nice a dozen of air craft carriers you got there in the oceans of the world. You wanna keep’em? They could become beautiful corral reefs if you just change your minds.”

    I by the way do not worry about this war escalating. to a world war. The generals, or as it is in the UK and the US the admirals, will professionally refuse any order by the mad politicians to go to war. They won’t because they can’t. This is what the top-most boss of the German army has to say about it:

    “- We have no kind of ability at all to assist the defense of any other NATO country.”
    That’s Germany saying that. I’m not a military man myself, but I would assess that as pretty bad. If not worse. So there will be no ww3. The generals, and now the admirals too, would refuse any political order to attack Russia. So keep calm and carry on.

    But it is interesting to see the first hyper-sonic weapon actually being used! I don’t know ow any other video of such things being fired in peaceful exercises even. There you have it! They seem to work. Space based missiles would look pretty much like that, I think.

  • LocalFulff

    These are claimed to be images, from a drone, of the impact of that hyper-sonic missile.

    I think that another message sent is that:
    “- If you are sitting in a bunker, you are not very much safe any more. We can dig you up, like this.”

  • LocalFulff

    I guess that before Xi Jinping’s re-election this autumn, the Chinese will fire one of those meteor-like hyper sonic missiles across the island of Taiwan. And that then negotiations about Taiwan’s reunification with mainland China will commence. Because the US Navy will stand off a bit. Sleepy Joe. But I’m just guessing. I’m a horrible chess player. Terrible and horrible again, as my chess teacher used to tell me. But it is good to be terrible in warfare:
    “- Show me your war face!”
    “- Eeeaaah!”
    “- You don’t scare me. Work on it!”

  • pzatchok

    Nothing is faster than a laser.

    LocalFulff did you even look at the comments section on the gs missile video?
    The original video doesn’t even reference hypersonic in its title.

    And I do not think it was an ammo bunker since it does not show any secondary explosions. Even simple bullets would be going off after.

  • Jeff Wright

    We need to be able to zap these things…and supply threatened nations

  • Alton

    Back circa 2005 we tested a Lazer anti artillery prototype out on the Nellis Range. Took over 30 vans full of electronics with the emitter head. Mounted on a tank chassis.
    It did work but we cancelled it.

    We did proceed with the C-RAM Point Defense system which can destroy an incoming artillery shell today.

    The US Navy is putting it’s first laser defense systems on active fleet units, in it’s development of these systems.

    Israel has taken our Technology as with the Iron Dome System and has been testing for about two years a near fieldable units out the in the Desert.

    How soon will it be available ???

    What Is C-RAM? C-RAM is an air-to-ground missile defense system that detects and destroys incoming rockets, artillery, and mortar rounds before they reach the ground. It uses a powerful machine gun that can fire up to 4,500 rounds per minute to take down close-range rockets, as well as missiles and artillery shells.Dec 6, 2021

    US Navy deployment:


  • LocalFulff

    Three cosmonauts arrived at the ISS yesterday. They wear yellow suits but explain that it has no connection to Ukraine.

    @pzatchok I don’t think that a laser would have time to damage a hypersonic missile that is already glowing by its friction through the air at mach 5-10.

  • LocalFluff noted:”I don’t think that a laser would have time to damage a hypersonic missile that is already glowing by its friction through the air at mach 5-10.”

    This seems plausible, but not from the target moving too fast to hit.. At that speed in the atmosphere, I would expect ionization around the vehicle, similar to re-entering spacecraft. Which is probably what you are saying. A suddenly fascinating subject.

  • Col Beausabre

    The sanctions must really be biting. Good. Tighten the screws

  • Ray Van Dune

    I hope this puts paid to notions of “international” space programs, at least outside of established US alliances. We don’t need partners who are untrustworthy, like the Russians and the Chinese!

  • David k

    “Or else we separate”. That is the only thing Russia could say matters. At that point, the US needs to consider alternatives.

  • Jay

    OK, the Russians want to go their own way and break off their section of the station. What about Zarya? That was paid for by the U.S., but the Rassvet module is attached to it (forward nadir port) which is Russian.

    Of course the question should be, do we want any of their modules attached if they leave? I know the Zarya module is different than the Zvezda module, but I remember from Bob’s article last summer that cracks were also found in Zarya as well during the inspections. Maybe it is time to say dasvidaniya and let them go if they want to go.

  • pzatchok

    Iron Dome is in full production and fully operational.

    I know this positively. It works and the US in making a copy.

    The US military is now looking to pulse laser systems. Takes less energy and fires the full pulse in 10 pico seconds.
    Basically a laser machine gun in the mega to tera watt range.

    As for the supposed plasma shield around the hypersonic missile. It works both ways.
    It also blinds the missile.
    It only flies faster than mach 6 it extreme altitudes. Faster than that and fuel boils inside a few minutes at low under the radar altitudes.

    Remember that faster means shorter range. Thats why this weapon can only be carried on the larger Mig fighters.
    Shoot down the plane and the missile is never launched.
    As for its great penetration power because of it speed. Why no pictures out of Russia of its hits during testing? They have hundreds of old warships in Russia to test and prove it on.

  • geoffc

    Israel is working on a laser system, for smaller/cheaper targets, to compliment Iron Dome. Called Iron Beam, the goal is to go after smaller targets, and I suppose, targets the system decides are not worth an interceptor launch.

    Curious to see when they deploy it. Wiki claims $2000/shot vs the $50-100K/interceptor.

  • Col Beausabre

    “Or I’ll throw a REALLY nasty tantrum!”

  • Jeff Wright

    You’ll love this-the Ukrainians have seized a Krasukha-4 electronic warfare module as per The Drive…and speaking of Rogozin-isn’t that hair tonic?-an individual at Space News used the font of Elon’s company to give it a new name:
    “Broomsti X”

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