Rosetta’s landing site chosen

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Rosetta's end

The Rosetta science team has chosen the spacecraft’s landing site on Comet 67P/C-G. The picture on the right shows this region, dubbed Ma’at, located on the comet’s smaller lobe. I also note that this decision makes no mention of Philae, and that there has been no word from the scientists on whether their recent close-up imagery of the comet has located the lander.

I had hoped that they would find it and then aim the final descent toward it, but this apparently is not happening.



  • Localfluff

    Hard to evaluate the location and rotation, but it might be a great place for a view from one of the southern hemilobes. One of its four poles, you know. Strange place.

  • Gealon

    Now are they still planning to turn the spacecraft off the moment it touches down, thus wasting a good opportunity for science and a still functioning spacecraft?

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