Running on empty

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Running on empty.

York’s assessment of the Obama campaign is fair and detailed. I would add that any campaign that thinks voters care more about a puppet and binders then they do about a failing economy and a bankrupt federal government should have no expectation of winning on November 6.



  • JGL

    He is counting on electorial votes and not about whether you or I or a majority of Americans like or agree with him.

  • JGL

    I heard Van Jones in an a panel discussion this morning state today that Barack Obama was a “Towering Figure” in international relations

    because, get this, he won a Nobel Peace Prize and he killed Osama Bin Ladin.

    I think these people believe that if they say something on TV that what they said is of importance because there are a percentage of gullible

    people listening.

    I conclude that they are in reality only pandering to their base, the cat is out of the bag as it relates to the “towering” nature of Barack Obama.

  • Our community and technical colleges already provide job training. Working with colleges and universities to “keep tuition low ” is laughable. Senior colleges on average have increased tuition and fees at double the inflation rate for decades largely BECAUSE of federal financial aid programs.

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