Russia and Saudi Arabia sign space agreement

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The new colonial movement: This week Russia and Saudi Arabia signed another in a series of space cooperative agreements.

While specific details about the space exploration agreement are not available, it is the result of high level discussions between senior officials from the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in Moscow.

…Saudi Arabia, along with its ally and neighbour the United Arab Emirates, has been assiduous in its efforts to cultivate close and substantive ties with the space agencies of leading space powers such as the United States, China, Europe, Russia, India, and Japan.

Over the past several weeks alone it has been reported that the UAE and Russia are in discussions about training and launching Emirati astronauts as Abu Dhabi embarks on its own human space flight programme. In the case of Saudi-Russian cooperation, Saudi Arabia brings much needed financial resources to a struggling space programme, while Russia brings potential technology and science transfers in space launch, planetary sciences, space probe technologies, human space flight, and space mission design, planning, architectures, and operations.

It appears that Saudi Arabia has the cash that Russia needs, and Russia has the expertise, rockets, and space station that Saudi Arabia needs. A deal made in heaven.



  • Phill O

    With the growing threat of nuclear N Korea and Iran, the Saudis need to make substantial ties with a power which will provide them with nuclear technology. I see this as a step to that end. Hence, IMO, the past administrations (USA) and their apeasment policies will lead, in the end, to a completely nuclearized middle east. All in the name of space exploration!

    I might add that Israel has no option but to defend itself.

  • LocalFluff

    Is this part of Saudi Arabia, who spends more on the military than Russia does, to buy the S-400 air defense missile system from Russia? I read that the US has cancelled all military exercises together with the Gulf states because of this. Saudi Arabia is by far the largest military market in the world (because the US, China, Russia hardly import any weapons at all). Financing Roscosmos for military advantages in return would be cheap for them.

    (I’m all for “nuclearizing” the Middle East, but with the tip of the warheads pointing down at the maniacs who live there!)

  • wodun

    It appears that Saudi Arabia has the cash that Russia needs, and Russia has the expertise, rockets, and space station that Saudi Arabia needs.

    Russia should enjoy it while it lasts. When American crewed vehicles come on line in a few years, Russia won’t be able to compete. Not just because of American launch companies but also because of American astronaut training companies.

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