Russia announces plans to launch Phobos-Grunt 2 in 2018

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If at first you don’t succeed: Russia today announced plans to launch Phobos-Grunt 2 in 2018.


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  • This is excellent news, Bob. I am very glad they won’t throw away everything they developed for P-G and will work to achieve a victory in the end. 2018 will give them plenty of time to build, upgrade and thouroughly test everything. Had they not decided to re-do P-G, that would further have demoralized Russians on their space program, probably cost Roscosmos support in the Kremlin, and further demoralized Roscosmos workers. Always best after a fall to pick yourself up and try again!

    Interesting how in the article, they are honest and admit P-G wasn’t ready but they couldn’t ask for a delay for political reasons.

    I also agree with Russia’s refocusing in general from Mars to the moon. They can accomplish a great deal on the moon at lower cost, and their lunar activities will fortify them for success at the red planet in the future.

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