Russia launches GPS satellite

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Using their Soyuz 2 rocket Russia today successfully launched a new Glonass satellite for providing GPS service to their nation.

The leaders in the 2018 launch standings:

17 China
11 SpaceX
7 Russia
4 Japan

The U.S. and China remain tied at 17 in the national rankings.



  • Willi

    An improved(?) launch standings list:
    USA 17
    SpaceX 11
    ULA 5
    Orbital ATK(?) 1
    China 17
    Russia 7
    Japan 4

  • Willi

    Uh, oh, the indenting I wrote for the three items under the USA entry were erased by being posted.

  • Willi: This works, but once again, my goal here is partly to illustrate how American competition and freedom results in success. We have two companies competing very successfully with numerous other nations, and beating them.

    Give it a few more years, and there will be many more nations beating the pants off the Russians, Chinese, and Europeans.

    Freedom always wins. Always.

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