Russia slashes spending on space

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In the heat of competition: Economic hard times have forced the Russian government to cut spending on its space program by more than a third.

The cuts have mainly come from abandoning their effort to build a heavy lift rocket to compete with SLS. They might not realize it, but I think this will be a blessing in disguise, as they will no longer be wasting money building a giant rocket that will have little value in the competitive launch market. Instead, they will focus their investment on Angara, which has the possibility of earning them a profit.

Meanwhile, however, they still have to deal with the quality control problems and corruption that appears to permeate Russia`s entire aerospace industry: Russian defense rocket fails and crashes immediately after launch. I have posted the video of the crash below the fold. It appears that the rocket was successfuly propelled from its launch silo, but then its rocket engines never ignited.



  • PeterF

    Isn’t this system similar to the one they are using for their ICBMs? Makes you wonder how much of a threat they really are…

  • Kelly Starks

    Their gov is funded on petrodollars and oil prices halved recently, so no surprise gov space projects are going down.

    >…the quality control problems and corruption that appears to permeate Russia`s
    > entire aerospace industry:..

    True. the pay really hadn’t increased since soviet days. So most folks in it were old timers holding no out of pride, or with no where to go. But they operate like soviet days – write nothing down so no one can figure out how you do your job. But sooner or later folks get to old and stop coming into work one way or the other. Old equipment can’t afford to be replaced.

    Their aerospace industry was never big no quality, now its literally growing old and dieing.

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