Russian bribes funneled to Clinton foundation in 2009

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Some real Russian collusion finally found! FBI investigations in 2010 found evidence of numerous Russian bribes that funneled millions to the Clinton foundation in 2009, just prior to Hillary Clinton’s decision to hand over control of a significant portion of the U.S. uranium industry to Russia.

[The FBI] obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.

It also appears that the Obama administration sat on this evidence for four years, and then worked out plea deals for those involved that managed to hide the bribery from pubic scrutiny.

In fact, they buried the probe even after indicting some Russian principals in the operation. They only announced in 2015 that they had reached plea deals in a case involving money laundering, saying nothing about bribery, extortion, or the intent to corrupt the US nuclear industry. That information was so compartmentalized that even the FBI’s top criminal-investigation officer had no idea of the extent of the case, and no one in Congress was ever briefed on the national security concerns raised in the case. In fact, House Intelligence chair Mike Rogers claimed to the Hill that no one ever mentioned the case at all to him, despite already-extant concerns over the Uranium One deal on Capitol Hill.

Don’t expect the mainstream press, partisan Democrats all, to report on this.



  • ken anthony

    Doesn’t matter when you’re above the law.

  • Steve Earle

    As my local radio show (Boston) pointed out today, CNN is still talking about how even Pokemon was used by Trump to collude with the Russians…..

    Since any real look-see into this matter would result in many Democrats going to jail, starting with Bill and Hill, expect to have the MSM, as radio host Howie Carr said today: “give this story a real good leaving-alone”

  • eddie willers

    Try as I might, I can’t see how this “Russian/Wikileaks” brouhaha could do anything to affect the outcome of the election one way or the other.

    Are we supposed to believe that the revelations about Podesta and Co. (from his own emails) stacking the deck against Bernie Sanders was to PO enough young idiots to stay home? (and thus deny the harpy’s coronation?)

    The only other “revelation” I have seen come out is that Russia bought about $100,000 worth of ads on Facebook.

    Oh jeeze….I’ll bet some of MY posts about Hillary were more effective than any Russian ad agency’s.

  • Cotour

    More than likely related:

    Since we are talking about abuse of power and elite associations, and the fact that Hollywood and Washington are so closely associated, when will this Weinstein story bleed into the political realm with story’s just like this? I think it is reasonable to expect at the rate that these revelations are coming.

    It has been said that pedophelia and ritual is something that binds the elite from all corners of the globe together (As sick and depraved as that sounds).

    There is no limit to the depravity and potential of unopposed elite power.

  • Rick

    So, which excuse to do nothing will we hear this time?
    “At this point, what difference does it make,” or “There is no public interest”?

  • wayne

    you have that right.
    (In the Alternative Universe, these people would have already been arrested, rendered, and disappeared.)
    All these criminals will walk free, and they will collect their fat government pensions & gold-plated healthcare, until the day they die.

    -undoubtedly there is weird-stuff going on among our self-appointed elites. They start at University, with their bizzaro fraternity-initiations, and work their way up to “Lolita Express” type situations.

  • LocalFluff

    “All these criminals will walk free”
    Seeing tens of thousands of people again and again shouting “Lock’er up!” and a president who in the crucial debate said that she’ll be in jail, makes me dispute that. Maybe she is now sabotaging the Democrats in order to make her useful for Trump and stay out of jail? That’s the kind of game I’d expect individuals like Hillary and Donald play with each other. (She better try to leave the justice before the wall is built).

  • Cotour


    Its the whole Clinton game book, make everyone equally guilty and create real fear so no one in power / elite dare to prosecute a fellow traveler for anything of substance, no matter what the public has to say. (The public just does not understand, they are unable to. And there is a degree of truth to that.)

    Just one more thing that is sooo out of the everyday mans reality that makes it unbelievable, but you must recognize the reality before your face no matter how unbelievable, but there it is.

    What everyday man would contemplate selling your country out? It certainly happens but the costs are high if you are not a part of the highest levels. At the highest levels a president, a Secretary Of State and operatives at the highest levels of a Justice department have all not only done so they will attempt to convince you its for your own good, all while they pocket million, 10 of millions into their pockets and their “charitable” foundations (Read: Their own good and interests. This is all a part of how S.O.M. type thinking is justified, although pure S.O.M. thinking is more about fundamental Darwinian survival then personal enrichement at the expense of all others, but it can be a fine line).

    The list of events and individuals and their depravity, corruption and abuse of power is long.

  • wayne

    I do think stressing the pedo-stuff, is ultimately counter-productive. They commit all sorts of “regular” crime & corruption, but nothing ever comes of it.

    one can only hope Hillary dies in prison, but these people have been escaping justice my entire life, I’ve seen this movie before and it always has an unsatisfying ending, every time.

    “We Love Our Somalis….”
    Alex Jones Folk Song Cover; Danielle Pascal (best version!)

  • Cotour

    And we find an interesting expression of this condition of the elite in this story from Afirca.

    Greed replaces need and the sky is the limit, there are no limits both in perversion, corruption and abuse of power, its the nature of man. And now we are talking about exactly what the Founders understood from real life experience and the document they wrote to counter balance the nature of man related to power.

  • Cotour


    This revolution / revelation about sexual abuse in Hollywood that is now leading to reveal pedophelia may well bleed over to politics and we may see some actual truth and consequences. It can happen, what is the wild card? I would have to say Trump becoming president.

    Although Trump may have his own related problems and we must ask: How close did he come to belonging to the true elite? I do not think they would have him he is too blue collar, but you never know. They might make him dirty enough just for a degree of control.

  • LocalFluff

    one can only hope Hillary dies in prison, but these people have been escaping justice my entire life, I’ve seen this movie before and it always has an unsatisfying ending, every time.”

    Oh on no! It is of course up to you Americans to elect your own president. But I’m sure Trump is putting his SS to protect Hillary and invests in health care for Hillary. He wants nothing more than for her to be the Democrats’ candidate next time too. Bernie is probably too old and Trump already knows how to beat Hillary, while she obviously has learned nothing. I bet that Trump is one of the few who have bought her book.

    In chess it is possible to offer the queen for exchange. just take it! But where it is, it blocks the enemy’s development. So it is better to let it be there for a while. out in the open, free to take at any time. But just with a better calculated timing.

    I must say that I am very disappointed with Jeff Sessions. Who has he drained from the swamp thus far?

  • Edward

    LocalFluff wrote: “Seeing tens of thousands of people again and again shouting ‘Lock’er up!’ and a president who in the crucial debate said that she’ll be in jail, makes me dispute that. Maybe she is now sabotaging the Democrats in order to make her useful for Trump and stay out of jail?

    Unfortunately, Trump’s first announcement after he was elected (or a very early pronouncement) was that he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton. That was the first of his campaign promises to be dropped.

    Then he let Lois Lerner walk free, too. He has not changed much since his recent life as a lifelong liberal Democrat. Democrats still get to break laws and endanger the US with impunity, the swamp is as full as ever, Sanctuary Cities are spreading to entire states, the wall is not on the horizon, and Obamacare is being actively protected. The only difference between Clinton and Trump is that Clinton would have had a more corrupt administration — as corrupt as Obama’s administration. (Could it get any more corrupt?) I suspect that once the bureaucrats in Trump’s administration figure out that they are safe from prosecution, they will become as corrupt as Obama’s administration.

  • wayne

    It used to be, a politician caught with “a live boy or a dead girl,” was pretty much toast. (My only real point with the pedo stuff; I feel it’s salacious.) I already know they are deviants in some manner & to some degree, I’m mostly interested in charging them all with economic & political crimes, and promptly rendering them off-shore, all-the-way.

    I tend to think this is all less Machiavellian than it might appear. (I do however, like your ‘flair.”)

    Hillary loved Alinsky, and he learned part of his craft, from actual Chicago gangsters. The Clinton Foundation is a gigantic cash-laundering machine for their extortion racket.
    -Ironically, New York State has some of the strictest laws in the country overseeing “non-profits,” but that Schneiderman guy is the AG, and he’s more interested in suing climate-deniers.

    “Try to Remember”
    Paul Shanklin

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