Russian government audit finds $20 billion in “spending violations”

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An audit by the Russian equivalent of the GAO has found more than $20 billion in “spending violations” within the government, most of which occurred in the defense and space sectors.

Other words for describing these “spending violations” might be “theft,” “embezzlement,” “misuse of funds,” or any number of more honest direct terms. The Russian government is simply very corrupt, and its culture includes the assumption by administrators and everyone else that it is their right to skim off as much as they can, for themselves.

Sadly, I do not see any reform occurring in the near future. This corruption is deeply ingrained, and the Putin government, also deeply entrenched, apparently likes it, as long as the thefts don’t become so obvious that nothing gets done, as happened at the new Vostochny spaceport during its construction.


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  • CelebateRifle

    In the US, Skidmore and Fitts used the euphemism of ‘undocumented adjustments’ when they and their team discovered $21 trillion missing over the 1998-2015 period. Other words were unauthorised government spending. This is the department of defence I am talking about. Now that’s some hight level corruption to investigate, but I don’t hear about it in the MSM.

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