Russian meteorologists predict very cold winter

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Global warming? Russian meteorologists are predicting one of the coldest winters in centuries.



  • I have recorded the appearance of the Sun for almost 8,300 days and the aurora from here in ND for 2,240 times, and I would not at all be surprised by a bitter winter here. Based on last year’s weather and the behavior of the Sun, I for certain expect a colder November and December here, and guaranteed a windier March, ’11 than last season. Also a better than even chance that next summer will be drier than this past one in this area. BUT the Sun is fickle these days too and can portend activity (or not) on its own accord.

  • ZZMike

    Reminds me of 2006:

    Great Russian freeze spreads west
    “Last Updated: Saturday, 21 January 2006, 12:54 GMT
    Severe cold weather gripping large parts of Russia has now spread west, causing chaos in Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

    Dozens have died of the cold, with temperatures as low as -33C recorded.

    The weather is the coldest to affect the country in more than 25 years.”

    Or 2005:

    Europe shivers in severe winter cold snap
    “Europe shivers in severe winter cold snap
    WARSAW (AFP) Jan 27, 2005
    In a ceremony marking the liberation 60 years ago of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, Poland world leaders stood in biting cold and softly falling snow pleading for the horrors of the Holocaust never to be forgotten.

    Snow and sub-zero temperatures prevented new Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, who attended the Auschwitz ceremony, from flying to Brussels to introduce himself to European Union members. And the arrival in Poland of Russian President Vladimir Putin was delayed for nearly 20 hours due to bad weather.

    Road traffic all but stopped in central Croatia as snow depths reached 1.20 meters (around four feet), breaking a record dating to 1954.

    This is the one I was looking for:
    Mongolia: 4.5 million livestock perish in drought and severe winter
    “Ulaanbaatar : Mongolia | Mar 29, 2010
    About one-tenth of Mongolia’s livestock, an estimated 4.5 million animals, have perished leaving herders desperate for food and other emergency relief.

    Mongolian dzud kills millions of domestic animals
    Posted on April 26, 2010
    The last dzud in 2001 killed about 11 million animals. However, experts estimate this dzud will be worse.

    “I have been a herder since 1960 and have never seen a winter as cold as this one,” said Mr. A. Lkhagvasurn….”

    I’m pretty sure there are no weather monitoring stations in Mongolia.

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