Russian proposes private lunar satellite to prove Apollo landings

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A Russian public relations specialist has raised by crowd-funding more than a million rubles to build a lunar-orbiting satellite to take high resolution images of the Apollo landing sites to prove they happened.

I like it, but recognize that a million rubles is only about $15k. He will need a lot more to get the satellite built and launched.



  • S Cooper

    We already have photos of the landing sites. They are good enough that several years ago, someone did a survey to see if any of the American flags were still standing.

  • True, true. I just think it is quite cool that a Russian wants to build his own lunar orbiter. I hope he does.

  • PeterF

    I have always contended that any sufficiently equipped machinist can build just about anything in the basement for pennies on the dollar (and they ALWAYS have friends that can fill in the gaps). Russians have historically been good at workarounds because of lack of resources.
    Americans are better. But we have been spoiled by incredible wealth.
    With the advent of cheap launch services, if this guy can build a working prototype, he will be able to find the funds to get it into lunar orbit.

  • Steve

    Don’t you know those photos were faked as well?? (Sarcasm alert…)

    I would bet that you could send another Surveyor type lander to each one of the landing sites and the nuts would still insist it was all faked. Some people are beyond reason.

    Only when we finally send people back there (hopefully permanently this time) will the nut jobs finally shut up and go back to their 9-11 conspiracy theories… ;-)

  • S Cooper

    Good luck proving anything to the Invincibly Ignorant. Here is the link to the Flat Earth Society.

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