Russians say “Nyet” to Dragon docking on its next flight

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The competition plays hardball: The Russians say “Nyet” to letting SpaceX’s Dragon capsule dock with ISS on its next flight.



  • P.S. Wallace

    And the other partners did not want tourists on board the ISS. So what, Russia?

  • Yeah, and considering that they won’t actually be docking the Dragon anyway, they’ll be berthing it, I can’t really see the point of this announcement.. it’s just politics.

  • Kelly Starks

    I’ve got two thoughts and a grin over this. Imean you could just write it off as Russia not wanting to help a possible competitor – but really SpaceX is in no position to compete with them.

    Or you could remember the Soviets/Russians nearly destroyed their Mir space Station, and nearly lost the crew, when they tried a test docking a prototype new automatic docking cargo craft. A good chunk of Mir was destroyed, and they been doing that sort of thing a LOT longer then musk has been walking around. So with Russia about to become the defacto owners of the ISS – they might very well not want some fly by night billionaire with political connections to trash it.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    It’s real simple – they know they aren’t going to be able to compete on price & probably not quality either, and that’s why they fear SpaceX. They’re in no hurry to lose business – they need the $$ they’re gonna derive by charging us millions per flight to carry our guys now that we have no other way to get ’em into space (after the final Shuttle flight)…

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