Russias pulling out of ISS in 2020

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Another news story from Russia has confirmed that the Russian government intends to break off its partnership at ISS in 2020, and that it will instead start assembling its owns space station in 2017 and will use some modules now docked with ISS to do it.

This event was always possible, and one of the many reasons I always opposed Bill Clinton’s decision to form the ISS partnership. The partnership acted as a crutch for NASA and the U.S, allowing us to avoid spending the money to build a self-sufficient space station. When the Russians leave in 2020 ISS will lack some crucial facilities that it now depends on, and will require some fast scrambling and additions to the station by NASA to keep it going at that point.



  • Jake

    2017 is only 3 years away. It is possible for Russia to get its act together before then? I seem to remember that several of the Russian components that are part of ISS are not actually working very well right now, and that others have been delayed?

  • James

    Is this just a negotiating stance on the part of Russia — wanting money to stay? They may be worried about the income loss once SpaceX is moving cargo and crew cheaper than they can. Additionally, Bigelow inflatables may pose an interesting twist by creating replacement modules.

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