Ryan stops vote on earmarks

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House speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) was today able to convince Republicans to delay a vote on reinstating earmarks.

Ryan convinced his colleagues to postpone the vote until the first quarter of 2017. “After a long debate, it was clear there’s a lot of pent up frustration with ceding spending authority to the Executive Branch,” said one source in the room. “Based on the comments by members, it was likely that an earmark amendment would have passed. Ultimately, the speaker stepped in and urged that we not make this decision today.”

“[Ryan] said we just had a ‘drain the swamp’ election and cannot turn right around and bring back earmarks behind closed doors,” the source continued.

Be warned. This issue is not dead. The crooks in Congress on the Republican side have simply agreed to delay the vote in the hope that after things calm down in a few months they can slip it in without anyone noticing.



  • LocalFluff

    It’s a great experiment to have DJ Trump leading this pack of parasites. They don’t need to love him, just do what he says. Paul Ryan is tasting the whip. They have all been reduced to contenders in The Apprentice now.
    “-We are overstaffed. What did YOU do for me today?”

  • LocalFluff

    I do enjoy it too much. And in the back of my head I scent that this is not just a show any more.
    One thing rock solid is that he’s gonna build build build. Shift your stock portfolio accordingly. Best case scenario is that someone convinces him of putting his name on the Moon too. It’s up there for everyone to see, even above the Trump Tower, and Jeff Bezos of NY Times and Blue Origin is onto it, so obviously something has to be done about it.

    Whatever cabinet is put together over Christmas, I think won’t last long. He had three campaign managers during the last 16 months. And he has a keen intellectual interest in the hiring and firing business. He’s a true peoples person, an HR head hunter. I think that this rag time team of Giuliani, Gingrich and poor Chris Christie and their likes will only be a transition team whose temporary job it is to calm down sentiments to begin with. They are not the doers he actually will employ to make America great. He’s loyal and loves loyal people. Believe me.
    “- We have to fire someone. What have you done for me today?”
    “- Mr. president, it’s half past five a.m. and I didn’t even have time to shave and shower before you called me to this meeting and…”
    “- You’re disgusting. You’re fired!”

  • wayne

    I do enjoy your flair at times! (and you do love it all, way tooo much! har. and yeah, it’s not a TV show anymore…)
    Yes, the Crony’s & the Usual Suspects, are lining up at the trough, and Big Media is beginning what will be a daily, 4 year long, hate-Trump fest. (I remember Reagan’s 2 Terms, the Left & the RINO’s were merciless & relentless in their attacks & back-stabbing.)

    Did your original comment, and my original reply-comment, just vanish from this post? or are my medications trippin’ me out?
    “They” must have rebooted The Matrix….

  • wayne

    Ryan is a munchkin of the worst kind. He’s the Speaker, he controls the Calendar.
    Now he pretends he’s against the very legislation he previously approved for a vote. Nothing is brought up without his specific approval.
    What a disingenuous liar.

    These people still haven’t gotten the message.
    All the Usual-Suspects are busily lining up at the trough and can’t wait to spend a Trillion dollars on “infrastructure.” Boehner came out of the woodwork, he’s “all-in” for a Trillion in “investment.”
    I was heavily involved in Tea Party activity– does everyone remember the Debt & the Deficit?
    >These criminal’s spent (borrowed & printed) $10 Trillion between then & now.
    We gave them the House, they did nothing to oppose Obama & funded everything.
    We gave them the Senate, the did nothing to oppose Obama & funded everything.

    We haven’t had actual Budget Hearing’s for like 7 years, it’s been one big Continuing Resolution, with all of Obama’s spending baked into the base, and rubber-stamped by Mitch/Ryan every step of the way.
    Don’t even get me started on Corker– he’s the one man directly responsible for the Iran Non-treaty treaty. He worked overtime to subvert the Constitution and now he’s some intellectual giant and defender of Conservative values?
    [anyone heard from Thad Cochran recently? last I knew, he gets lost in the Capitol quite a bit. His Dementia medications don’t help anymore and all he knows is to do whatever Mitch tells his staff.]

    Now, the Progressive Crony Mastermind’s, are going to reward their friends, big time, and they don’t want to upset anyone “on the other side of the isle,” so massive spending on free cell-phones, EBT cards, and general income-transfers will continue unabated.

    When the current financial-asset bubble implodes, they’ll go nutso on money-printing & debt.
    Meanwhile, Big Media will rediscover all those homeless people that vanished 7 years ago & trot them out. The price of gasoline & the phony unemployment-rate will suddenly be on the front page, daily. And the investigations of every Cabinet member will proceed apace.

    >I’ve seen this movie before. DJT is no Reagan, but he will be attacked on a daily basis for the next 4 years. Mitch & Ryan will actively subvert any of his good programs & go hog-wild on social-programs, they just want call them by that name.

    The only way out–and we are absolutely within striking distance:

  • Garry

    Wayne, you wrote what I’ve been thinking/fearing.

    I’m trying to remain optimistic, and still think that, on balance, the incoming regime will be better than the last one.

    But the last one did so much damage. . .I hope it’s not too late, and I agree on the only way out.

  • wayne

    I’m infinitely pleased that HRC is defeated, but we haven’t heard the last from her. I wouldn’t put it past New York, to elected the daughter to something, in the future. That’s the kinda-stuff they do, on a regular basis. Gillibrand was elected after HRC, with almost 70% of the vote. Thanks NY! (after you elected HRC, twice.)

    I’m absolutely willing to give DJT a chance & large parts of his stated Policies are very good.
    I have ZERO faith however, that Ryan/Mitch and the usual-gang-of-idiots, will do anything except what they have always done. Spending will explode, nothing will be cut. (We are in a financial-asset bubble, it WILL implode.)
    (Its going to be Bush the younger, all over again, with amphetamine’s. How’s that Medicare Part D doing, everyone?

    They can’t stop themselves & they don’t want to.
    The only way to put these people in their place, is to by-pass them all, with an Article 5 Convention. (and the most vicious opponents of such, are all on “our side.” They don’t really believe in Federalism, what they believe in, is lecturing the rest of us hicks in fly-over-country, Mayberry RFD, and enriching their Crony Progressive RINO bud’s in the process.
    (Just wait until they “Repeal and Replace” socialized medicine, they think we’re stupid & we want THEM managing the “new and improved, wonderful, single-payer-plan.”)

    I must interject tangentially at this point, referencing RUDY G; he’s not some paragon of Conservative virtue’s & ideology. He was in the Reagan Adm, but he back-stabbed Reagan and his Agenda, every chance he could get. At best, he’s a Rockefeller Republican with ALL those infamous “NYC Values.” He’s so in-tune in DJT, because they are both liberals at heart.
    (Make him Ambassador to Albania and call it a day. 300 million in the Country, and the same old people are perpetually trotted out in new costumes?)

    He only started sounding Conservative, after 9-11. A decent Mayor by all accounts, but compared to what? NYC elects Communists & Billionaires who change their party affiliations depending on which way the wind blows, on a regular basis.

    Our long National Nightmare, is only just beginning.
    Very little was actually resolved with the election of DJT.

    Deck the Halls with Macro Follies

  • LocalFluff

    Maybe DJT will totally freeze CNN, ABC, NBC, NY Times and WaPo who all lost the election, out from any news coming from the White House, making it hard for them to survive the next 4 years. Replacing them with new media and online media. Bannon of Breitbart News seems to be in charge of that now.

    Republicans having majority in the senate and the Congress and in about 85% of the state legislatives and having 2/3 of the governors must make Trump one of the strongest presidents ever. Also his opportunity to appoint high court judges, repeal Obama’s many executive orders and the fact that the neocons have been smashed and the Democrats being divided between the social democrats and the kleptocrats. The Democrats’ plan to import tens of millions of Latinos and arabs to vote for them and turn Texas and Florida into deep blue states next election also seems to be shattered, in the nick of time. Add to that that politicians are inexperienced, and thus far have proven totally incapable of, negotiating successfully with Donald J Trump. I’m sure that things will change dramatically in the US. Already Ford has changed their mind and interests and stocks are increasing, signaling expectations for higher US growth.

    wayne, It must’ve been some kind of time warp. I commented your post before it was posted.

  • wayne

    referencing time-warp… Yes. (I think there is a missing comment or 2)
    I recall replying to your original comment but I might have refreshed my browser… & now not sure I actually pressed “post,” but then again.. you could not have responded directly (with the “enjoy it too much” meme) unless my comment existed for at least a brief time. huh, what..
    (That’s why I originally asked “if I was trippin’?)
    (They reset the Matrix…)

    but, I digress…

    It is going to be interesting to see how DJT handles the Washing Press entourage. Obama kept them chained up & cut-out, but they still licked his boots & carried his water uphill.

    Having said that–I pretty much bailed on all network & cable news last Winter. I just can’t stand the punditry and slant anymore, and the daily minutia just serves to obfuscate & confuse everyone, and whip up stupid situational distractions, from the same old playbook.
    Much more concentrating on State/Local stuff, and
    I’ll try to do what I can to influence the people at the Fed level, but ultimately, we need to by-pass & put in them in their place.

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