San Francisco area #1 in nation for fleeing residents

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Fleeing the communist state: The San Francisco area is now #1 in the nation in the number of residents fleeing for more hospitable regions.

Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s own study of the out-migration says workers are moving to Sacramento, Austin, and Portland due to a number of factors. But topping the list is the high cost of housing. “You can’t even contemplate getting into the housing market here,” Hancock said. “And I don’t mean just service workers, but highly skilled professionals. The tech elite are having a hard time affording reasonable housing in Silicon Valley. That makes it difficult for employers to recruit.”

The article however also cites the politics of the region.

Dabak cites crowding, crime and politics as the reasons for her own exodus. “We don’t like it here anymore. You know, we don’t like this sanctuary state status and just the politics,” she said. She plans to sell her home for about $1 million, buy a much larger place near Nashville for less than half that and retire closer to family and friends.

I am reminded of East Germany in the 1950s. Ruled by the Soviets and the communists they installed (whom today we might call radical leftists), it became the only western nation in the world that had a shrinking population, mostly because of the vast numbers of residents that were fleeing to West Germany, where they were free to make a living as they wished. In East Germany’s communist state they were poor and oppressed. In West Germany’s capitalist state they could be prosperous and free.

To solve this problem, Khrushchev built a wall between East and West Germany, to imprison his citizens. When they continued to flee, using the loophole that existed in Berlin (with half its territory controlled by the western Allies), he then built a wall through the middle of the city. It stopped the population loss, while making the residents of his communist bloc prisoners.

What will the leftist radicals who now run California do? As people flee their bankrupt state, will they then decide to build a wall to keep people in? I wonder.



  • Orion314

    When you have a total failure of political government , such as we have now (e.g. The democratic party who prefers destruction of this country vs admitting defeat ) well, next stop: Civil War. We are long past talking and reason.I used to fear this.. but sometimes, ya gotta saw off a leg to save the patient.

  • I wonder how many of the people fleeing California voted Democrat for years? Now they expect others to live with the mess they created while they move away? I’ve seen this happen in North Carolina and Oregon: social and economic refugees try to implement the same conditions they had back ‘home’. It’s more than a little irksome that the ones who vote for every Progressive idea are among the first to bail when reality sets in .

    As for California building a wall to keep people (and money) in, there’s the state unitary tax, allowing it to tax a company’s total operations whether or not the business is headquartered in California. When I lived in Florida the State of New York tried to levy income taxes on former residents who’d moved out of state and had become resident in another state. Calexit cannot come soon enough.

  • wayne

    Jesus Jones
    Right here, right now –November 9, 1989

  • Cotour


    President Trump has plainly stated that he will veto anything other than his “Four pillars” illegal immigration solution.

    But the Senate comes back with a half measure proposal that only guarantees future illegal immigration and not actual funding for the wall. This will be Trumps ultimate test, who will bend first and acquiesce to the other? Why will they not give what the president demands? Because the entire existence of the Democrat party as it is formulated today, Leftist, will die a desperate political death because they must have illegal immigrants to populate its voting rolls. A very un American mandate for a political party that is now defined through its own agenda as un American.

    Trump must never waiver, from his stated minimum standards, this is the kind of leadership that has not been seen in American politics for at least 30 years. Bend and die a weak political death, stand strong and lead the United States into the future, you choose. Eye of the tiger Mr. president, don’t budge one inch.

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