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San Jose police herded Trump supporters into mob

In this op-ed today by a Trump supporter, describing how leftwing thugs broke his nose at a Trump rally in San Jose, there was the very significant sentence, highlighted below:

My trouble began once the rally was over.

My friend and I joined a crowd of Trump supporters who had all left the convention center around the same time. The garage where we had parked our car was right next to the building, but police were directing everyone around the block to another garage entrance instead. The farther we walked, the fewer Trump fans were with us — people began peeling off to go to restaurants or bars in the area, or to other garages nearby.

And suddenly, there were protesters everywhere. Some were holding Mexican flags, or burning American ones. They were yelling “F— Trump!” at us and cornering us. [emphasis mine]

In other words, the San Jose police, who had been given the stand-down order by their mayor, who hates Trump and has sent campaign money to Clinton, had arranged things so that Trump supporters couldn’t simply go to their cars. They had to run the gauntlet through these violent thugs, without police protection, thus guaranteeing that some ot them would be hurt.

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  • Orion314

    Perhaps it is time for the Trump fans to put on their “big-boy” pants, cowboy up, and start busting some illegal immigrant skulls…..we didn’t win WWII by kissing the Furher’s ass and licking el duce’s boots….

  • Robin Fox

    I’m waiting for the day when one of these situations happens in a “shall issue” state. Would these anti-Trump (anti-American) protesters be so clueless as to attack where the victims have a high probability of being armed?

  • Edward

    I think I stand corrected. It is my city’s police that are the hosers. Eh?

  • Noah Peal

    I live in San Jose. I had a family member who attended the rally. Later that evening, he told me he was actually in fear of his life as he left the event. A person in his party was hit in the head with a bottle that was thrown. He might have suffered a concussion.

    What was not reported was that it had all the hallmarks of a race riot. Primarily Hispanic thugs–estimated by the media to be about 300 in number– attacking white people. In another day and time, the nation would be outraged when a group of people holding Mexican flags attack another group of people holding American flags. These days, in this State and in this nation, it is much too commonplace. Pray for the Republic.

  • mpthompson

    It would be interesting if Trump contracted with the bikers from the Rolling Thunder event and UAW to provide security at his rallies.

    BTW, reading op-eds in the Bay Area newspapers, the Democrats may be ignoring the beatings, but there is evidence that the independents are not.

  • Mitch S.

    Much as decent citizens may want to strike back, it’s probably falling into Hillary’s strategy.
    The moment Trump supporters try to fight back, especially if they show a weapon, they’ll see TV cameras magically appear followed by the police. The news fill be full of “Trump brownshirts” “attacking poor people of color”and interviews with tearful Hispanic old ladies and children.
    As the election nears Democrats (and some NeverTrumps) will go on TV to talk about how they fear for the future of democracy and call on Obama to ban Trump ads because they incite violence.
    The networks will “coincidentally” run documentaries on the rise of Hitler.

  • Orion314

    Sorry Mitch , but this match is not going to be postponed…the white man has ran out of cheeks to turn , and its now or never. Doubts? Just look at the EU…Who would have ever thought, EVER, that the germans of the 21st century new modus operandi would be and is: drop trousers and grab ankles..????? Allowing their own women to be savaged by camel marrying Morlocks. Where is Hitler when you need him? Merkle? I’ve dropped things off in the toilet bowl better than her.I’m an American born veteran who used to be proud of my german heritage, until now.Many things are worse than death , slavery at the top of the list.

  • ken anthony

    How did we reach the point where the police are actual bad guys. The good guys become the bad guys if they defend themselves. The media doesn’t even pretend to be objective.

    There seems to be no good thing to be done???

  • PeterF

    I think the police started to be the bad guys under Clinton with his attempted use of the ATF to go after “right wing” groups.
    Thats when the SWAT teams started wearing black clothes and masks. Just like the bad guys.
    Now they are actually committing highway robbery, other wise known as “asset forfeiture”. Just like the bad guys.
    They stand by while the corrupt socialist politicians send their thugs to rough up the citizens. Just like the bad guys.

    Mitch, The cameras were there, but since the correct people were being assaulted, very little of that footage will ever be seen by the public. When a Trump aide touches an aggressive reporter, multiple videos from multiple angles surface and are aired repeatedly during prime time. Want to bet that they won’t be able to identify most of the perps in San Jose?

  • A Patriotic American

    I do pray for our republic. The hour of reckoning may be close at hand.

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