Sandmann lawyers file $275 million defamation lawsuit against CNN

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The law firm for Nicholas Sandmann, the Kentucky teenager who was slandered by numerous leftist mainstream news organizations in January, has now filed a $275 million defamation lawsuit against CNN.

You can read or download the full suit here [pdf]

This suit is on top of a $250 million lawsuit the firm has also filed against the Washington Post.

Right now it appears to me that both the Washington Post and CNN are going to lose big in these suits. Following the filing of the lawsuit against it the Post published “an editor’s note” concerning its coverage of the incident, but never admitted to or apologized for its false reporting. Instead, it merely noted the numerous errors and false claims in the original reporting. If anything, that correction makes it more liable, as it suggests the false coverage was acceptable to it, at the time.



  • Col Beausabre

    Go Nick ! Of course, this will be settled out of court and he’ll get less than $0.5B, but it will be plenty to live the life of a gentleman of leisure. He MIGHT even have enough to buy a Tesla ! (But probably not THE GREATEST CAR EVER MADE,
    the 1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GTO – the only car to win three consecutive World Manufacturers’ Championships)

  • $275M isn’t nearly enough. As of 2014 CNN was valued at $10B. Should be taking a cue from Eduardo Saverin in ‘The Social Network’: “I’m coming for the whole d**n thing!”.

  • wayne

    Life Liberty & Levin
    w/ Nicholas Sandmann’s Attorney

  • Max

    Nancy Pelosi is introducing legislation to protect the media. Stay tuned.

    “Courts around the country have long recognized that, under the First Amendment, journalists must be afforded the right to report on live controversies without fear of defamation liability,” Reporters Committee attorneys stated in the brief.”

    If you disagree with the government or a popular subject, this disagreement can be labeled “hate speech” and you will be banned. Conservatives are now bringing up the Liberals “equal time” which is scary because google and Facebook have already established their dominance in banning subjects and people without repercussions. Federal law establishing equal time will just play in their favor because it’s already the established Norm.

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