Saudi Arabia has launched a military strike against Yemen

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Saudi Arabia has launched a military strike against Yemen’s defense ministry.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the attacks were air or missile strikes, but they came following reports that Iran had manufactured the ballistic missile fired by Yemen’s Shiite rebels toward the Saudi capital a week ago.

Remnants of the missile bore “Iranian markings,” the top US Air Force official in the Mideast said Friday, backing the kingdom’s earlier allegations.

This isn’t that much of a surprise, considering the recent purge in Saudi Arabia as well as the recent reports of both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait warning their citizens to leave Lebanon. The military strike today in Yemen appears to therefore merely be a precursor of a more significant escalation.



  • wodun

    I’m curious what Iran’s role is in Somalia. The proxy war in Yemen is just part of what’s going on with Iran.

  • Cotour

    The Saudis seem serious about eliminating the terror aspect of Islam from their environment, I will assume it may result in a full blown conflict with Iran? First the arrest of billionaire princes who are supporting terror and now an attack like this? This could become very big picture cleansing.

    Could this be the attempt at reforming Islam and dragging it into the 21st century ala Dubai?

    Obama played the other end, encourage radicals so they can find their proper place in the modern world. That worked out well.

    Trump may not be getting any legislation passed but he sure does appear to be involved in the international restructuring of the globe in the counter Globalist model. When Soros is stopped out and his radical “Foundations” Leftist organizations funding mechanism is ended then that will be another step in real progress.

  • Mark

    Soros’ “Foundation” organization wont run out of money anytime soon. He pored 18 billion into Open Society less than a month ago.

  • Cotour

    Yes, I am aware of the fact. It appears that Soros was under pressure for tax purposes to do so.

    And its “Foundations” not “Foundation”, it appears that the structure of the charitable social organization pumps funds into many, many other organizations (Mostly Leftist in orientation) and this is how he funds those organizations without directly funding them. No one knows where the money actually goes and what its being spent on. Soros is a problem that threatens America as founded from what I can see.

    Soros believes that the Founders got a few things wrong, and he wants to “fix” things to be how they should be (according to him). This is the foundation of the Globalist / Globalism / New world order paradigm. In other words the hollowing out of the Constitution and the surrendering of American sovereignty to a U.N. style One world government. At least that is the conclusion that I have come to about his efforts.

  • LocalFluff

    Seems like the latest Scud D has a range of 700 km. Just enough to reach Riyadh from Yemen or Iran. I was skeptical a couple of years ago when the head of the Saudi air force was said to have been killed by a Yemenite Scud. He would be the first air force commander ever to have died in battle. I think it was the king that took care of him. But I learn now that Scud D separates its guided warhead and uses images compared with maps to hit within 50 meters from a target.

  • ken anthony

    Has anybody else noticed that non English countries have more respect for Trump? It’s criminal how extreme the media makes up stories. The truth about Trump should be interesting enough (and more effective since now many simply discount everything the lying media says even when they’re right.)

    Perhaps the media could honestly report the meat of his meetings with foreign countries? All we can do now is extrapolate that he told them they have to be responsible for outcomes and that’s what’s happening.

  • Michael Dean Miller


    In the Middle East?
    Who’d’a thunk it?


  • BSJ

    The Saudis have been striking Yemen since March 2015.

  • Mark

    Only when they haven’t been wearing their burkas, BSJ. And I think it’s been going on quite some time.

  • Steve Earle

    Cotour said:
    “….And its “Foundations” not “Foundation”, it appears that the structure of the charitable social organization pumps funds into many, many other organizations (Mostly Leftist in orientation) and this is how he funds those organizations without directly funding them. No one knows where the money actually goes and what its being spent on. Soros is a problem that threatens America as founded from what I can see…..”

    Exactly. Which is why Soros is a different animal than the Tom Steyers of the world. He is knowingly and deliberately funding violence in our streets. And for some reason no one wants to admit that or follow the money trail.

    I even got in trouble here on BTB a few months ago for simply saying that Soros needed to be stopped….

    If he was found to be the one who had bought the rifles used in the Texas shooting, there would have been an outcry for him to be investigated and his “Foundations” to be shut down. But while he has taken steps to separate himself from a direct connection, it is an open secret that he is funding Black Lives Matters, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, and other openly violent groups.

    How many have died as a direct result of his money? And how many more will die if he is successful in fomenting some kind of Civil War within the USA? Thousands? Millions?

  • wayne

    Soros= Nazi collaborator. no if’s and’s or but’s
    I don’t know what Country he is a citizen of, but I personally have ZERO problem with rendering him to a friendly 3rd world country and expropriating ALL his wealth.

    Soros a Nazi
    60 Minutes clip

    >Look up the Tides Foundation. (tides dot org) Soros is late to the party but he’s catching up fast.

  • Cotour

    Steve, Wayne:

    I and probably both of you are just now really concentrating on the Soros issue and his from what I can see and understand truly anti American activities, he has been way, way, wayyyyyy ahead of all of us both in time invested, complexity and the amount of money that he is willing to commit to his plainly Leftist ends.

    We are all behind on these issues, but that does not mean that nothing can be done about it. But $26 billion buys a lot of tolerance and flexibility in the American political and legal realm.

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