Saudi minister calls for “toppling” Hezbollah

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Intriguing: The Saudi state minister for Gulf affairs has called for the “topplng” of Hezbollah, condemning that organization as “a party of Satan.”

He also said that “The coming developments will definitely be astonishing.”

While there have always been strong differences and hostility among the many Arab nations and movements in the Middle East, rarely have these differences been expressed so publicly and forcefully. Read the whole article. The things this powerful official says could not be said if he did not have the support of his government. I wonder if this indicates some major shifts are about to occur in the Arab world.



  • wayne

    I would agree with the Saudi minister, some “toppling” does need to happen. Just not exactly the way he intends, to pull it off.

    They must be ultra-worried, ‘cuz they are having YUUUGE problems with their IPO for their nationalized oil company.

    What they want, is to cash-out. (their chickens, have come home, to roooost.’)

  • BSJ

    Hezbollah = Shia = Iran
    Saud’s = Sunni = Anti-Iran

    Iranian/Hezbollah backed Houthis are giving the Saudis too much trouble in their proxy war in Yemen. Now the Saudis want to exert pressure elsewhere…

  • wodun

    Also, SA is funding groups fighting in Syria against Hezbollah and the rest of the Iranian alliance there.

    The SA/Iran conflict could mean the SA becoming closer to Israel. Even if it doesn’t, Israel will still benefit.

  • wodun: I have seen numerous indications that Saudi Arabia has been working with Israel covertly in the war in Syria and elsewhere. What this story suggests is that this alliance might not be covert much longer.

  • Chris

    As BSJ notes:
    This is the Saudi Arabs against the Iranian (Persians) backed Hezbollah.
    This is ancient stuff that is now exacerbated by the Iranians moving to recreate the Persian empire and the Saudis somewhat trying to move into the modern world and outside of their oil-only economy.
    My $0.02


  • Chris and BSJ: I am quite aware of the ancient history here, and the rivalry with Iran. What I find interesting is the possibility that this rivalry might lead to other shifts concerning Israel. (Emphasis on “might.”)

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