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Say you are conservative at a dinner party and get booed and called a racist.

Leftwing civility: Say you are conservative at a dinner party and get booed and called a racist.

Note that the conservative who experienced this rudeness, Joel Pollak, is married to a black woman.

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  • joe

    left wing civility is an oxymoron term, only the conservatives are supposed to be tolerant and civil, does not apply to the progressives! The fabians have been at this game for over a hundred and ten years, the conservatives are not in attendance for this competition!

  • Lois Johnson

    Sad but true. I have found that you cannot talk to many people (I live in a blue state) about anything political if you have a conservative view because you will be shut down by accusations of racism against the president. I have given this some thought. I believe that many people don’t really want to think about politics because it makes them feel uncomfortable. I believe that many people don’t really want to think at all.

  • I spent 45 years of my life in New York City, and the next 13 in the DC area. For most of that time I tried to have civil conversations about politics, and always failed. I finally gave up about ten years ago.

    I have also ended several friendships because of this. I had no interest in being friends with someone who expresses such contempt for me, merely because I have an opinion about these matters that they disagree with. Such a person is too certain of what is right and wrong. They are certain they are right and anyone who disagrees with them is evil. With such logic there is no argument that can work. Eventually they decide you are evil for disagreeing with them. You can try to remain their friends, but my advice is that it is a waste of time. In the end, they begin to slander you behind your back, revising what you said in such a way to make you look evil. (For example, I had an argument about Iraq and Islam with one of these former friends. I said that we should be willing to wage war against them with as much force used against the Nazis and the Japanese in WWII, including nuclear weapons, if necessary. He then went around saying I was in favor of genocide and killing all Muslims, which was a complete distortion of what I had said. Such a person is not a good person to associate with, and I subsequently cut off all contact.)

    Thus, it is my policy on Behind the Black that anyone can argue or criticize anything I say, as long as they stay civil. When they start to devolve into name-calling, however, they will be banned. Sadly, no liberal as yet has been able to avoid this state. I only have had to ban one person, however, because after they call me or others names, they can’t rationally respond to the rational and civil debate that faces them and they run away, never to be heard from again.

    What this means for western civilization is not good. However, we who believe in freedom and civilization have to stand strong and speak our minds, no matter what. I just won’t give these people a soapbox to slander me.

  • Edward

    When I was going to school at UC Berkeley (Jean Kirkpatrick was shouted down on campus while I was there), the students at the hall where I lived bragged that they were only intolerant of intolerance. It turned out that intolerance was defined as anyone who disagreed with them. Anyone who disagreed with the ‘tolerant’ ones were called ‘racist’ whenever possible and ‘fascist’ every time — just to shut them up. And it worked. Who wants to be called a racist, fascist, or any other -ist?

    One of the key components of fascism is silencing the opposition.

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