School officials ashamed of the U.S.

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Insane: High school administrators Wyoming canceled the annual “America Pride Day” celebration because they thought it would offend some students.

Jackson Hole High activities director (and assistant principal) Mike Hansen said he favored canceling “America Pride Day” because some students may not feel American and, thus, could feel “targeted and singled out by this day.” “Maybe they moved here last week. Maybe they moved here last month,” Hansen told the News&Guide, referencing the students who enjoy free education and much else in the shadow of a world-class ski resort. “We’re trying to balance many different things here,” the activities director added. “We’re trying to be inclusive and safe, make everyone feel welcome.”

What makes this story even more interesting is that the student body revolted against the decision.

In response to a decision by school officials to replace a previously-held “America Pride Day” with “College Day” as part of this year’s homecoming festivities, a large group of senior students and some juniors protested by bedecking themselves with American flag capes, American flag headbands, American flag shorts and all manner of beautifully and garishly patriotic American flag ornamentation. After school, one kid also drove a diesel truck around the parking lot with a bunch of American flags waving in the breeze.

The goal of school administrators is to make new immigrants feel welcome in America, not to be ashamed of their country. There is a reason immigrants are here, and it is too enjoy the blessings of freedom. To be embarrassed by this suggests that these school officials should find another job.



  • Tom Billings

    Note what day the administrators replaced American Pride Day with, …”College Day”. That tells it all right there. College is the major reason the administrators are there at all, because they got a college degree. They support the academic view of colleges that the US is to be thought of as an old uncle to be trundled off to a nursing home, before he makes visitors to campus uncomfortable by his habits and demands for freedoms of action. New immigrants have been, in my experience, some of the most enthusiastic supporters of American freedoms. The number of stories I’ve heard about how the US is going the way their lives did in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, ….is way too long to count.

  • Cotour

    People have become sooooo paranoid about 1. appearing not politically correct and 2. in fear for their jobs because they are not thinking “properly” and finally 3. soooo brain washed about this country by mainly the left that they can no longer distinguish between sane critical thinking and insane thinking that is an existential threat to themselves and to everyone else.

    This 2016 election will reflect how the American people actually think (if we can be confident about the results?) , are they really as stupid and brain dead as what we all read in the news as illustrated by this and other news story’s?

    Stay tuned.

  • Phill O

    Probably a fair portion are brain dead! Just listen to Hillary and then look at the polls!

    Too bad they do not ban gay pride parades!

    We have two countries on the north-american continent poised to show how brain dead the population is.

  • Rick

    They are worried about insulting people who volunteered to come here, if not to become Americans, at least to live the American lifestyle.

    Someone should speak up and complain about insulting a large part, if not a majority of kids who will never attend college.

  • Cotour

    As an example of the counter intuitive nature of this pathology, how are those no gun and general gun laws working for you?

    We can plainly see by the data the incidence of gun violence and murder are well below the national average in this major American city that has the highest level and number of gun laws.

  • Cotour

    I forgot to include my standard high I.Q. nerd sarcasm alert in my above comment.

  • hondo

    Jackson Hole Wy is an example of another kind/version of “gentrification” that’s taking place out west. There are several others. In many ways, they are alien outposts in a foreign land.

    Force locals out by dramatic rises in property taxes – force out traditional businesses and employees with new regulations- go service-orientated and import a “new” workforce – buy up ranch and farmland and take it out of use (while keeping the tax benefit of same).

    Something’s gonna give one day.

  • Bill

    How did this happen. . . .Wyoming the home of Dick Cheney. . . .voted the most conservative state in the country. . Where Obama managed 28% of the vote in 2012. … the state that has voted for only one democrat for President (LBJ in in 64) since 1952. . .. . this must be a mistake . . .

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