School shooter in Maryland stopped by armed officer

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A school shooter today in Maryland was stopped by armed officer before the shooter had killed anyone.

St. Mary Co. Sheriff Tim Cameron on shooting at Great Mills HS: shooting happened in hallway; shooter, a student, fired at a female student, another was student hit. Armed school resource ofc, a deputy, exchanged shots w/ shooter; shooter & female student in critical condition

The shooter has since died.

It is unclear if the shooter here was aiming to kill as many as possible, or was involved in personal conflict. Either way, the incident illustrates the wisdom of having armed protection available, either by teachers or police officers.



  • Cotour

    Thank God there was someone there to talk the shooter into surrendering before he was able to injure anyone and will now be going to therapy so we can understand why he took such extreme actions. I think the offering of a hug and a cup of hot co co was what was used to coax the shooter into laying down his firearm. I can not wait to learn about what drove him to do this as his therapy begins.

    This once again proves the culpability of the NRA and their promotion of the Second Amendment and how they promote the murder of innocent people and innocent children specifically.

  • Joe

    Great post Cotour!

  • wayne

    Akira The Don x Jordan Peterson:
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    “Rule #6 Set Your House in Perfect Order Before You Criticize The World”
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  • Cotour


    What I wrote is the height of sarcastic, inane stupidity, and that is exactly how a bunch of just plainly stupid people want everyone to think that they think. Think about that for a minute.

    Its not how people really think, its how they think they think related to an emotional political position. When someone comes into a school or any place where you, me or anyone who values their life and the lives of their loved ones and they intend to harm or kill them just because, their is no substitute for a responsible person in possession of equal or more force to stop them in as short a span of time as possible.

    There are many in the media and in politics and on university campuses that want to argue the exact opposite of what I just proposed and they want you, me and many others to believe it and worship it.

    I know that you, me and many, many others in America see what is being perpetrated and we are getting weary with their assumption of the level of our ignorance and our patience.

    The argument for reasonably and clandestinely armed responsible people to be in the various places where they believe that they can do their evil unopposed is today settled.

    I await the CNN / David Hogg explanation against what I propose above.

  • Joe

    Cotour, I agree, you are spot on!

  • Phill O

    Cotour I offer those services to the colonies of Americanized honeybees that are plaguing the SW. Confronting them with the outcome of their behavior will help them adjust to their new surroundings and negate the negative aspects of the behavior to the leftists who in Portal AZ. Those folk do not want them killed but placed somewhere not in their back yard. NIMBY

    My services cost #100.00 while extermination costs $750.00. No buyers yet!

  • Phill O

    Who, darn spell checker. That should bee Africanized not Americanized.

  • Cotour

    Once again, guns attack and injure several 15 to 18 year old teenagers in Mobile Alabama:

    I still do not know what we can do to control these guns, this is getting very frustrating. Maybe the government should pass a law where people can not gather in these places where the guns are injuring and killing them? Something to think about.

  • Cotour

    An example of where a licensed retailer in a community who sells guns that had the proper judgement and legal ability combined with the existing system, worked. No banning, no canceling of rights, no emotional political justifications.

    Lets have more of this instead of blanket “Solutions” where everyone’s individual rights and the Constitution are thrown out the window.

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