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Scientists: Major measles outbreaks likely because of COVID-19 lockdowns

According to a paper published in the peer review journal Lancet, there is a very high likelihood of major measles outbreaks among children worldwide in 2021 — resulting in many unnecessary deaths — due to the shut downs imposed because of the panic over COVID-19.

Lead author Professor Kim Mulholland, from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Chair of the World Health Organization’s SAGE Working Group on measles and rubella vaccines, said that many children have missed out on measles vaccination this year, making future measles outbreaks inevitable. …”The coming months are likely to see increasing numbers of unimmunised children who are susceptible to measles. Many live in poor, remote communities where health systems are less resilient, and malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency are already increasing.”

Professor Mulholland said the COVID-19 pandemic had also had a profound effect on the control of vaccine preventable diseases, with vaccination campaigns paused in the early months of 2020 and routine immunisation services greatly disrupted in many countries.

The WHO estimates that by the end of October, 2020, delayed vaccination campaigns in 26 countries have led to 94 million children missing scheduled measles vaccine doses. [emphasis mine]

Think about it. Because we and our governments panicked and shut down society to protect children from a virus that is not only not contagious among children, it also is practically harmless to them, many children will now die from diseases we know are highly contagious and we know can kill them.

And people accuse me of being heartless because I say the lock downs are senseless, irrational, and a bad idea.


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  • wayne

    “Mission, Measles: The Story of a Vaccine”
    Merck Sharpe and Dohme 1964

  • LocalFluff

    In Africa the situation is said to be much worse. Also all “qualified jobs” there are dependent on import/export that has collapsed. The corona panicdemic fraud is a cruel mass murder!

  • Andrew M Winter

    The libs just love to kill kids don’t they? Think they will call this “euthanasia” instead of infanticide? Or, will it be some sad faces who talk of unintended, (yet totally predictable), consequences?

    Sorry to say this, but this kind of thing is now so predictable and now so inevitable that I am growing morbidly depressed reading about it anymore, knowing or suspecting that nothing will be done to stop all this. Nothing at all.

    I may have to avoid the news for a while. I love coming here every day. I love it. But lately the news has just been too much. Cya all later.

  • janyuary

    LocalFluff — “The corona panicdemic fraud is a cruel mass murder!”

    One hundred percent agreed. It makes me wonder why savvy folks nonetheless are distracted by official studies on the efficacy of masks and social distancing. It is a lot like agreeing that there’s no such thing as the bogey man, and then discussing the legitimacy of studies on how to avoid the bogey man.


    I had the measles when I was a kid, and so did most of my friends. Not a single one of them died.

    Rabbits and sheep.

  • janyuary

    With respect, Robert, measles are wicked, I know there are different strains and a sick child is one thing, probably will be fine, but that sick child around a pregnant woman, threatens the life of that babe in the womb, for me THAT was always the most important reason to fight measles and innoculate for it.

    I’m pretty sure I had at least one form of measles and pox, my many siblings all did too, and so did many of my friends. We got sick, we got better, and got on with life. It’s a good thing we didn’t have Smarter than Us Officials to scare the bejeezus out of our parents by convincing them that our very lives hung on a thread, when a large majority of the time, we were just kids surviving the gauntlet that nature puts forth. Adapt and survive, fail to adapt and perish.

  • pzatchok

    If the WHO really cared about this they NEVER would have shutdown the programs.

    Those African medical personnel are used to working far worse conditions that Covid.
    In fact if they had stayed working they would have been able to help those with Covid and those who are at risk.

  • Edward

    Whether or not the WHO cares is not the point. It is another part of the tragic collateral damage from the horrific reaction to Wuhan flu. We scare, and those are the points that we are making, here. Most of the decisions made to combat this flu were not only counterproductive, but they resulted in unintended consequences that are so much worse than the original disease. Now that winter is coming to the Northern Hemisphere, our ruling class is doubling down on their deadly decisions.

  • Luke

    It’s not that measles is deadly. In and of itself, it has a very low death rate.

    But it’s one of, and possibly THE, most contagious diseases on the face of the earth.
    Then it performs a factory reset on your immune system. If you contract measles, you’re no longer immune to anything else. You’re effectively immunocompromised until you can build up resistances again. Outbreaks of measles will quickly be followed by outbreaks of other things, all at elevated risk.
    It’s not a rolling boulder, it’s the start of an avalanche.

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