Scott Walker reveals his inner Democrat

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In a disappointing move, Scott Walker, Wisconsin governor and presidential candidate, has announced his support for state funding for a new basketball arena, which would require increased taxes as well.

It seems to me that Republicans, no matter how conservative, always eventually disappoint and evolve into big government stooges. This happens partly because they are politicians, who are generally a lower form of life, and partly because politicians tend to do what the voting public wants. Sadly, for the past century the American voting public — even the so-called conservative voting public — has consistently voted for more government handouts, which is why Republicans evolve to the left with time.

For Walker this is unfortunately seems to be happening sooner than I had hoped.


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  • Cotour

    Idealism succumbs to realism? Politics is many times the choice between the two. If it comes down to it I will vote for Walker. I will vote for almost anything “Republican” other than Jeb Bush or anything Democrat other than a Hillary Clinton. (I have only voted Democrat once for Ed Koch who I could reasonably stand to a degree)

    There will be no George Washington’s emerging from the pack any time soon. I am always hopeful that the person that inhabits the White House comes to it with the capacity to realize their position and rise above their own and their party’s failings.

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