Scott Walker wins big in Wisconsin

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Scott Walker has won the recall election in Wisconsin by a large margin, 53-46 percent, more than predicted and exceeding his vote total in his 2010 election victory.


One comment

  • Chris Kirkendall

    TG the voters of WI woke up & smelled the coffee. They were obivosly sick & tired of public sector unions dictating terms & busting budgets with ever-expanding demands & costs, and pension deals that dwarf anything most peiople ever see. A big lie that is being repeated by Barrett supporters & some in the MSM is that Walker outspent Barrett $34M to $4M – but they’re ignoring something like $40 M the Unions poured into this campaign from around the country, not to mention Obama had his operatives there & the DNC was pouring substantial $$ into it until it became evident they were gonna lose.

    But this is great news for other states that want to stand up to the union interests & get their exploding costs under control. It’s also a lesson for the entire nation and yet another slap in the face to the Obama Admin, which was 100% behind the Recall effort…

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