Second exoplanet confirmed orbiting Proxima Centauri

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Worlds without end: Using archived Hubble data, astronomers have now independently confirmed the existence of a second exoplanet orbiting the nearest star, Proxima Centauri.

Dubbed Proxima c, this is not the same Earth-sized exoplanet confirmed to orbit the star last week. That planet, Proxima b, orbits close to the star every 11.2 days. The new planet is much farther out.

Benedict found a planet with an orbital period of about 1,907 days buried in the 25-year-old Hubble data. This was an independent confirmation of the existence of Proxima Centauri c.

Shortly afterward, a team led by Raffaele Gratton of INAF published images of the planet at several points along its orbit that they had made with the SPHERE instrument on the Very Large Telescope in Chile.

Benedict then combined the findings of all three studies: his own Hubble astrometry, Damasso’s radial velocity studies, and Gratton’s images to greatly refine the mass of Proxima Centauri c. He found that the planet is about 7 times as massive as Earth.

Though I am unaware of any hints of additional planets orbiting Proxima Centauri, the presence of two strongly implies the likelihood of more.


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  • Jerry Greenwood

    Interesting how astronomers can access other astronomers data and reach new conclusions and thereby move the science forward while climate “scientists” hide their data from view.

  • LocalFluff

    Climate marxist, so called geoscientists who hold the final truth and must never be criticized, don’t see the reality clearly. They are hidden by the air and clouds and storms. Just like the climate doomsday lie has destroyed all my confidence in any geophysicist (who doesn’t very clearly distance him/herself from the frauds), epidemiologists have recently fallen into the same junk bucket of mine. And for 30 years now they have regurgitated the same doomsday forecast. Their failures are getting uncountable, their message still exactly the same. No ability at all to learn anything. You know how the ancient Egyptians removed the entire brain from the skull of the guy they burried? With pliers through the nose and such, while wearing funny hats. That’s the “education” of geophysicists and epidemiologists of today, unfortunately.

    Heard in the death lab 4500 years ago:
    “- Hackpakhmuthumpet Kha, have you cleared the Holy cranium of its content?
    – Paah, in the name of the son of the Sun and…
    – We don’t have time for that BS now! Have you scrapped the corps bare from the inside or not!?
    – Yes, I can verify that Greta-Jesus is completely brainless. Look here, there’s just some white bone stuff on my knife’s edge. As a medical doctor I’m surprised to see that she had any kind of head at all.”

  • sippin_bourbon

    What is really cool about this is that is demonstrates (even if it turns out to not be 100% accurate yet), that the amount of data is collected is so vast, it cannot be analyzed in real time.

    To get information all, or even just most, out of it will take a life time.

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