Senate hearing on commercial space postponed

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A Senate hearing on commercial space, organized by Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as part of a series, has been postponed.

It had been scheduled for today, but appears to now be delayed until after the July 4th break.



  • Willi

    There’s a podcast on Batchelor’s podcast page that claims to be with Bob. Actually, it’s a duplicate of one titled “Future War: Who you are…”

  • Willi: Thank you for letting me know. I have contacted Batchelor. This should be fixed soon.

  • Willi: Podcast is fixed. It is also posted here.

  • LocalFluff

    This kind of link mix up happens about once or twice every week to his shows. I of course assume that any mishap is caused by Russian hacking. I follow JBS daily when I can, because he makes great radio. I wonder how he can produce quality radio hours every day, without any exception, and still be well read on the books the guests have written as well as the current news flow. Makes me think he has maybe been a reporter for more than a few years, and loves it. How does this guy know what mix of subjects I am interested in?

    I wouldn’t’ve (that’s bad spelling, isn’t it?) discovered him if it weren’t for this blog.

  • wayne

    This Q&A from C-span, is highly informative (although dated)

    This is pretty good as well (from 2015) even though Art thinks Men In Black, was a documentary.

    Art Bell Interview With John Batchelor

  • wayne

    excellent word!

  • LocalFluff

    Your link shows that John Batchelor is as good a guest as he is a host. He kind of takes over the talking anyway. Because he’s interesting. He makes things interesting, because he is interested.

    I like his putting-things-in-a-historical-context kind of style. His rational realistic skeptical pragmatic optimistic philosophical romantic responsible informed attitude, or however to characteristic it, is great. (I only object that I don’t always agree with his conclusions, but no one is perfect, and let’s not jump to conclusions about which one of us is not in this case).

    Spooky topic choice:
    Just the other day an old friend reminded me about when we were in a zoo many years ago. A herd or family (whatever) of giraffes came to us. And the super tallest of them curved its enormous neck over the fence and sniffed my shoulder or chin with its nostrils (maybe I’d eaten something it likes). I got petrified like a rabbit. Not that I thought this vegetarian would eat me or knock me over with its horns, but because it was sooo alien in shape, size, color, everything.

    And a day after, JBS had a short interview with some giraffe to-know-something-about’em person. He’s interested in big strange things, and I’m too. I suppose everyone who has time for it is. But this image (you like movies) illustrates how I felt and what I were reminded of when this overgrown leggy unicorn paid me some interest while I was just trying to enjoy my $5 popcorn box. The thing suddenly became alive for real, behind the eyes so to speak.

  • wayne

    highly enjoy JB’s author-interviews. (He actually reads & understands, the books.)

    Great Giraffe story, they are cool animals.
    This (Giraffe-Cam) was very popular a few months ago.

    April the Giraffe and her baby: Behind the scenes

  • wayne

    Excuse while I digress tangentially–
    Giraffes are “Megafauna.” (not just regular old normal fauna, but megafauna!) Learned that from the giraffe-expert on JBS.

    Delaying Senate Hearing’s…. bad.
    Signals to me, the back-room dealing is escalating. Log-rolling, buy-in’s, and strange bedfellow’s.

  • Anthony Domanico


    Russian hacking, haha! Despite the disturbing implications that cracked me up.

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