Senate introduces its version of Trumpcare

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Failure theater: The Senate today introduced its version of an Obamacare replacement, and proved once again that the Republican leadership in Congress has no interest in repealing Obamacare and the parts of that law that make it economically unsustainable.

The most popular provisions of Obamacare are kept in place in the bill, including language allowing children to stay on a parent’s health insurance plan until age 26 and preserving coverage for people with pre-existing illnesses.

The bill does repeal some of Obamacare, but without freeing the insurance company from the requirement to accept anyone, whether they are sick or not, makes it impossible for the entire health insurance business to make any profit. It also does not appear that this bill frees insurance companies to offer any kind of insurance they wish, including the popular and less expensive catastrophic insurance plans that Obamacare banned.

The problem here is that the Republican leadership is timid. They fear the squealing of pigs, and thus attempt to come up with plans that will please those pigs. The result? A mish-mosh that no one likes and that solves nothing.

Update: The Senate’s own freedom caucus speaks: Senators Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul reject Senate bill, as written.



  • wayne

    tweak that first sentence please.
    {…. Congress has in interest in repealing Obamacare….}

    When do they leave for another vacation?

    Disingenuous liars, all.

    Missouri is state #12 to adopt Convention of States!
    May 12, 2017.

  • wayne

    If they don’t get rid of must-issue & community-rating, it’s not insurance and anything they claim to the contrary, is a complete lie.
    (And if Trump says it’s “wonderful,” he’s lying.)

    “What amendments could be proposed at a Convention of States?”
    Director Mark Meckler gives a quick rundown.
    –under the language of our specific (uniform across States) Application, this Convention of States is inherently constrained to specific “subject-matter” topics only.

  • Cotour

    Incrementalism on an emotional and politically charge subject? Obamacare must be chipped away at until it is “More better” or entirely junked?

    Or they are just going to keep Obamacare, which as we all know is a financial jugernaught that will consume us all, so IMO in the long term it must be something other than that that must be so.

    Time will tell the tale. (How much time do we have left?)

  • Wayne: First sentence fixed. Thank you.

  • wayne

    it (ACA) has to be repealed in it’s entirety, now.
    We have no time left.

    Mitch/Ryan/Priebus— they have no intention of repealing it. Any thing they say to the contrary, is a complete and utter lie.

  • Cotour



    You keep going granny, stay right where you are, mad as a hatter.

  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    “The new Republican healthcare bill is not a repeal of Obamacare”
    (June 21 2017)

  • wayne

    Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Rence Priebus, and a huge percentage of the Republican’s in Congress (90%)— they like big government & bigger-spending, and everything that flows from it all.

    Disingenuous dissemblers. Blatant, overt, with malice aforethought, liars.

    Mark Levin:
    “Republican Party is not a party of small government, liberty, or of Capitalism…”

  • Joe

    I have to agree with Cotour, Nancy Pelosi needs to stay where she’s at. The national media talking about the dnc as a moderate or centrist organization is killing them for now, that won’t stay that way forever though.
    This health bill is obama care with lipstick, and republicans are about to commit suicide with this pig in a poke.

  • Michael

    It is now fully apparent that the only time the republicans were “serious” about repealing obamacare (as if we did not really know) was when obama was president and everyone knew he would veto the measure. Then they could by God be tough with the understanding that nothing would come of the matter and they could beat there chests and say “see”! No consequences. Sort of reminds me of Snaggletooth.

    Unfortunately the republicans now have the white house thus no where to hide and as “they fear the squealing of pigs, and thus attempt to come up with plans that will please those pigs” and change nothing. In fact I am becoming convinced that those few “principled” congressmen are “principled” because they can hide behind the majority who are afraid of the pigs. No consequences and they can look good and say “see”.

    I think any “government” provided health plan is doomed in the long run either by performance or economics. I think the best we can provide is a “regulatory framework” (that can be modified from time to time) in which a reasonable medical system can function. Will it be perfect – no. Will some folks get better health care then others – yes. But it will work as best as possible.

    With respect this issue I am starting to loose faith in the President. And that worries me for the future.

    Oh, and lest I be accused of hypocrisy I am sure I am hiding behind medicare youbetcyabygolly. I am fully aware that it is easy to offer sage advice when one does not have to follow it.

  • ken anthony

    Congress should work under strobe lights to make the comedy/tragedy plainer.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    Is anyone familiar with an old French theater genre, called “Grand Guignol.” (spelling?)
    I would put forth the proposition, that is what we are watching in Congress.

  • Cotour

    Here’s a good joke from Obama. I though that Obamacare was already a huge transfer of wealth?

    I guess it matters which way you are transferring it. The culture of dependency / modern slave state needs its next big financial support installment on the road to utopia and Obamacare is it.

    Oh those 2800 pages of passed law is soooo hard to dispose of for the ruling class.

  • Orion314

    To look for solutions from the USG is as crazy as making North Korea the head of the UN security council. Political corruption of our “leaders” IS the swamp that needs to be drained.

  • Ted

    Both Rush and Sean have had people on their shows that talk about health care providers that don’t do insurance. Just pay for the service when you take advantage of it.

    Can you imagine how a restaurant would have to raise prices if your meal was covered by a third party insurance company?

    Here is the headline from

    Owner of Direct-Pay Health Clinic Tells Us How We Can Save a Trillion Dollars a Year

  • wayne

    In progress…

    Louder with Crowder #189
    (Thursday 6-22-17, weekly free live-stream on YouTube)–4a4RM

    Steven will be interviewing Mark Levin shortly.

  • Cotour

    You have to give it to Trump for saying what we all believe in our cores but is NEVER spoken of by any one in a leadership position. Certainly not ever spoken of by Democrats.

    These kind of fundamental and common sense laws and rules of operation implemented throughout our government is what has the potential to save America from being consumed by socialism and politically correct doctrine. Can it be accomplished in eight years?

  • wodun

    They should have just repealed the whole thing and then worked on bills to improve the insurance/healthcare industries by removing things that distort prices and costs.

    Allowing people to contribute to HSA’s without caps would have been great and forcing people, like with SS taxes, to put money in every packcheck would have been better than Obamacare tweaks. A person might not have insurance but a youngster would save up a good chuck of change by the time they needed to worry about health issues.

  • Cotour


    You are thinking logically, that does not apply inside the beltway.

    Your version of social engineering suggests that people be responsible for themselves for one, and two that people be in control of their own finances which become assets to them. This kind of social engineering does not work for the kind of government we have had for the past 90 or so years.

    The tap root that the government had planted in the pockets of the people just grows and grows until there is just no more pocket. It is the nature of the beast.

    Unless we have a paradigm shifting in our collective American thinking the future can only become more and more chaotic.

  • Edward

    How are we to get logic inside the beltway if we do not insist upon it being practiced there?

    How are we to change the kind of government we have had for the past century if we do not insist that it change?

    How are we to save the pocket if we refuse to kill the overgrowth that is destroying it?

    How are we to shift paradigms if people shoot down the paradigm shifting ideas, like wodun’s?

  • LocalFluff

    They’ve shot Pelosi, but the bullets just went through her without her winking an eye lid. She’ll be around for hundreds of years. I heard her strength is that she is a good money raiser. Raising money and spending it is the goal of the Democrats. They couldn’t care less about the election results, that’s just a charade for them. For example, what’s the name of the Democrat that spent his Ossoff in Georgia recently? $300 per vote he got.

  • LocalFluff

    From far from the outside, I think that this health care issue has become to important for the republicans to not at least pretend to fix. Regardless of the actual content. If not, the party will break up. Which maybe guys like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz actually are aiming at. And in the longer run that would only help the president to have such weak parties in Congress.

  • Cotour

    I think that it has been clearly demonstrated that money alone does not get the job done, you actually have to have something of substance to say. D.J. Trump becoming the president is the prime example of the people actually wanting something more than just a party designated by an “R” or a “D”. Hillary spent $1 billion $$$, I think Trump probably spent maybe one third of that?

    The people of America are slowly rising an executing their power, they are not Leftists and that is plainly the direction the Democrats are trending. And it will take the Democrats probably 10 to 20 years to recover.

    Pelosi will be forced out, the cry for her ouster will grow from the Left, she will decide to “spend more time with her grandchildren”, soon enough. The reality of the situation is becoming a DEFCON 1 level disaster. In the Democrats perversion with the Left there lies hope for us all.

  • wayne

    I have that factoid handy….
    HRC-campaign- $563 million. Outside spending – $231 million.
    DJT-campaign -$333 million. Outside spending – $75 million.

    Highly recommend this:
    Mark Levin interviews Daniel Horowitz

  • Cotour


    Slowly but surely.

    The incompetence and anti America actions and in actions of the Obama administration will become known to the general public in good time. Much too late for my thinking.

    Obama: “I told Putin to cut it out” regarding Russian hacking. That’s how he ensured our country’s security. A feminine hygiene product has more strength, credibility and patriotic alliance to America than Obama did and does.

    The one good long term benefit resulting from these revelations is that it will probably be a very long time before there will be another philosophical Marxist president. Obama and the people who surrounded him and the damage they have perpetrated on the American people and our allies is a kind of insurance policy. Until the people once again forget.

  • Cotour

    Why a reasonable non violent person never wants to be associated with hatred or violence.

    There are actually people in the world that really do promote such things. Its kind of like when someone who understands and is committed to the Second Amendment and his or her right to be armed is characterized as being violent and / or dangerous. Both characterizations are as a general rule grossly inaccurate, libelous and used as apolitical weapon to paint someone with a broad political agenda filled brush.

    No thank you.

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