Senate passes bill allowing military to hold US citizens indefinitely, even within the US borders

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Fools and tyrants: The Senate today passed a bill allowing the military to hold US citizens indefinitely, both inside and outside the US borders. The vote was 61-37, with 44 Republicans and 16 Democrats voting in favor.

To me, this is more proof that we need to throw out as many Senate incumbents as possible, with Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) being the first to go. These bastards don’t give a hoot about freedom. What good does it do us to defeat Al Queda if we destroy the very rights and freedoms that makes the United States different from Al Queda?



  • +1 agree – seems like the new world we live in is too terrifying to allow individuals the freedom and rights they used to enjoy . Al Queda could never destroy america only americans can do it

  • Sharon

    I think recalls should be started against everyone who voted for this bill. This is an abridgement of our constitutional rights.

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