Senate Republicans call for gas tax hike

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Lying slime: A number of Senate Republicans have joined with Democrats to call for an increase in the gas tax.

Though the last time the gas tax was increased was during Bill Clinton’s presidency, the only reason the highway fund is short of money is that they don’t spend it wisely, wasting a lot on stupid projects. (Sounds a lot like almost everything the federal government does, doesn’t it?) Rather than increase the tax, Congress should take a close look at how the money is being spent, and clamp down.

I should note that House Republicans have already said that they will oppose this increase. Whether they stay that course however remains to be seen.



  • wodun

    No. No. No. No!

    OMG, the federal government is taking in record amounts of money in taxes. They have enough.

  • joe

    These definitely are not Reagan republicans, more like democrats masquerading as republicans, I have more descriptive words but can not use them here!

  • Al

    The Republicans are on the verge of going extinct. The only reason they won the last election in a landslide is because people expected them to oppose the Democrats. Instead, they appear to be all for Obamacare, illegal immigration, higher taxes and bigger government. To top it off Boehner retains his position and the elites flip off the Conservatives in the process. Guys like me have had it. I’ve voted Republican all my life because I believed the represented some sort of opposition to the liberal foolishness. It’s obvious that’s no longer the case. Unless they make big changes and soon, I’m out, I will no longer support them. I suspect that I’m not alone on this and that the vast majority of Republican voters have had it and will be deserting in droves.

  • PeterF

    Who are these #@$^%! clowns? If you have to hold your nose when you vote for the lesser of two evils, you get two things, evil and representation that stinks!
    Apparently they didn’t get the message. People were voting AGAINST the B.O. policies, not necessarily FOR the republicans.
    If they aren’t careful, Americans will come to realize that we didn’t need the federalists, we didn’t need the whigs, and we sure don’t need the republican rinos!
    Term limits are the only answer. read Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments” and support an article five convention.

  • Cotour

    Tell that to Jeb Bush, apparently he does not understand that the base Conservative will not vote for him, just based on the dynastic point of view, forget about the fact that his kind along with the Democrats have landed the entire country and the world in the condition it finds its self. Yeah, I want more of that.

    We understand that we assume that the people who vote actually elect the people who find themselves in power. I am not so sure at this point, such confident moves by these political dinosaurs either indicate that they are not aware that they are out of sink with the people or they know something that we the people are not aware of.

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