Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) will not seek reelection

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Good riddance! Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee), a major player among the Republican leadership and the man who engineered the acceptance of the Iran deal, announced today that he would not seek reelection.

I had expected Corker to make his decision after the results of today’s election in Georgia. That he announced before those results suggests the polls there made it clear to him that a RINO like him was in big trouble and would have faced a tough primary election.

These events indicate to me once again that, except for the bankrupt big urban areas and the coasts, the country continues to shift to the right. Corker was going to face a strong conservative primary challenger, running against Corker’s moderate “let’s work with the leftist Democrats” stance. His decision today indicates that he did not think such a position was a winnable one any longer.



  • wayne

    The Iranian’s must be upset over this development. Maybe he’ll get his own Statue in Tehran.

  • Bill

    Finally, now if we can get rid of Lamar Alexander, too. I had already decided that I would never vote for Corker, even if it meant voting for the Democrat candidate. Same goes for Alexander. I’m tired of his stabbing us in the back with his votes.

  • David

    Senator Corker said back in 2006 he’d only serve two terms. So while he indicated he struggled with the decision, he is in fact keeping his word made almost 12 years ago. I’m sure he would have faced a primary challenger. Not only because of his position taken on certain matters, but also because of comments made this summer about the current president.

    Not sure why republicans who do not always march to the beat of the alt. right are labeled as R.I.N.O. We say as a party that we are inclusive, a “big tent,” open to all flavors of conservatives. Even those who are willing to work with the other party when possible on the many pressing issues we face as a nation are said to be welcome. We correctly pointed out the mistake democrats made time after time when Obama was elected and their refusal to work with republicans and the problems that created.

    Yet, this degrading term R.I.N.O. is rolled out with increasing frequency. I would think this year thus far should point out the problem with this attitude. Republicans control the executive and legislative branches, yet struggle to actually get anything done.

  • wayne


    Who’s alt-right?

    Corker is a RINO, Mastermind, Statist, American-hating liar. And he has a Liberty Score of 47%.
    (Lamar Alexander, clocks in with a whopping 17% Liberty Score.)

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