Senator proposes criminal charges against global warming skeptics

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Fascists: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) has proposed that racketeering charges be considered against fossil fuel companies who express skepticism about human-caused global warming and dare to disagree with any environmental regulations imposed based on this theory.

As he writes today in his Washington Post op-ed:

 The fossil fuel industry, its trade associations and the conservative policy institutes that often do the industry’s dirty work met at the Washington office of the American Petroleum Institute. A memo from that meeting that was leaked to the New York Times documented their plans for a multimillion-dollar public relations campaign to undermine climate science and to raise “questions among those (e.g. Congress) who chart the future U.S. course on global climate change.”

Gee, industry skeptics of global warming wish to use their first amendment rights to debate the issue! How dare they! Worse, they might use money to finance their effort! (I wonder why I and most other skeptic bloggers never get any of this cash.)

As noted at the first link, the idea that any disagreement with global warming advocacy should be criminalized is not a new thing, and has increasingly been advocated by that leftwing community. Whitehouse is now tying this to the criminalization of the use of money to express that disagreement. Tie that to the effort of the Democratic Party to rewrite the first amendment to allow government to restrict speech, and you have the basic outline of a fascist movement intent on squelching freedom.



  • ted

    The tree-hugger version of sharia law.

  • PeterF

    Whitehouse is a D-bag

  • Cotour

    Let Mr. Whitehouse propose charging the Clintons under RICO and then he may be on to something worthwhile and valid.

  • Phill O

    As an advocate of the Solar Powered Climate Change and not related to any fuel or oil company (except being one who is shafted by them), I guess I am also a target.

    In Canada, the liberal government at one time put in place a law which criminalized opposition to the lefts view. Luckily, that got stuck down when we got a conservative government. Log and short: keep fighting these who want to limit freedom because once it is gone, it is gone for good as in Hitler’s Germany; Putin’s Russia etc.

    By the way, If Obama thinks the USA has a better international reputation under him, he must be smoking that wacky tabacky. What country would want to align with a country that runs and hids after making commitments?

    Phill O

  • Cotour

    This president, being a moral litteralist, actually believes his own statements. In his world reality perspective America is stronger and well respected and the world is now a better place under his guidance.

    The truth from my perspective and for the rest of humanity is obviously very, very different.

    The funny thing may well be that in the long run because of this particular president, if the American people can wrestle together some kind of political will, he may be the catalyst that re-energizes everything that he has endeavored to weaken and destroy.

    In the end what is an un American, philosophical American Marxist elected president to do? Its like asking a dog not to bark.

  • 2nd Amendments there for a reason.

  • Cotour

    What do you think about things like this?

    The military actively training in urban warfare, in the environment they are anticipating to be operational in? Is the military / administration sending a not so veiled message to Americans who think the Second Amendment is a problem?

  • pzatchok

    Don’t fear the military. The vast majority of both the officers and solders will never act against the US citizen.
    Even the Chinese fear that among their own military.

    The real ones to fear are the local police as informants and helpers of the new federal officers being trained by the federal government to be like(as large as and strong as) our military.

  • Cotour

    Good points, but I still do not like it.

  • PeterF

    The “current occupant” did say that he wanted to create a national “peace” force as large and as well funded as our military.
    A few years ago, DHS started “zombie” training complete with people actually made up to look like zombies who shuffle around moaning. The objective is to locate and rescue “the housewife”. This is done in full “battle rattle” gear using blank ammunition. They say its good shoot / don’t shoot training.
    I’m not a critic of this because zombie training is ridiculous. I’m a critic because where others see zombies, I see unarmed civilians.
    Couple this training with the DHS ordering 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (six for each american?) and you can come up with a great conspiracy theory.

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