September 11, 2001 through the Eyes of a Child

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Link here. The horror of that terrorist act, no different than the horrifying acts of rioting and looting dressed up as fake protests today, should not be forgotten. This article gives us possibly the most important perspective, the impact that horror had on the innocent children of the time.

Matthew John Bocci wrote the book Sway as a way to sort out his feelings. He was nine years old when his father died during the collapse of the World Trade Center. It took one week for the family to find out his father was dead. “Even though I knew he was dead, I still needed to find out the how. I became obsessed. I wondered if he had jumped, since he worked on the 105th floor and I saw all the smoke. My thoughts were that if he had jumped, maybe I could see him looking out a window beforehand. Even though I found out my dad did not jump, when I see the footage, it brings a lot of sadness. I look at it and think my father was in that building and he never had a chance to get out. In the book, I wrote, ‘What could you say, especially to a nine-year-old whose father was obliterated?'”

He went on to say, “My dad was selfless. He actually called my mom two minutes after the plane hit the building to tell her he loved her and us. He said goodbye. I now try to look at the positives he left behind. He was honorable, put family first, and was very humble. I think how brave he was, smart, resourceful, funny, determined, hardworking, and caring.”

Because of his father’s death, Matthew’s life spiraled out of control. He searched for answers and a father figure. Unfortunately, his Uncle Phil filled that role. He took advantage of Matthew’s grief by sexually abusing him. To cope, Matthew turned to drugs. But thankfully, after many years of drug abuse, he got himself straightened out, had his uncle arrested and convicted of child abuse, and is now five years sober.

To my mind, the worst result of both 9/11 and today’s riots is our society’s generally weak response. We never really did wipe out the scourge of Islamic terrorism after 9/11, which since then has only worsened. For children like Matthew, who lost his father, there is thus no closure or a feeling of justice.

And today we seem paralyzed to act against the home-grown terrorists in our midst, allowing them to commit some equally ugly acts while doing little to stop them. We must therefore ask ourselves, what are today’s children learning from this failure?

For evil to flourish good men need only do nothing. And sadly nothing is much of what America has been doing for the past two decades.


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  • mrsizer

    We never really did wipe out the scourge of Islamic terrorism after 9/11, which since then has only worsened.

    True. But consider that they took out two buildings and we took out two countries. It wasn’t particularly effective in dealing with the root cause, but looked at from a tit-for-tat perspective, one hopes a point was made.

  • Cotour

    “The horror of that terrorist act, no different than the horrifying acts of rioting and looting dressed up as fake protests today, should not be forgotten. ”

    You make a salient point, no difference at all IMO. Might they be associated and essentially the same thing with a similar goal?

    Both are unbelievable, but there they are all the same. If you are willing to act confidently outside of someone’s reality and ability to believe then you get to define reality. We are witness to strategy here.

    I just recently made it a point to find out the origin and meaning of the term “Gas Lighting”. I really did not know what it meant and that is all that you are hearing in the media as of late. And it refers essentially one person misrepresenting reality to another person in order to manipulate them while driving them insane. If someone can get you to question your reality even though it goes against your common sense then you are being Gas Lighted.

    And I realized and pointed that out here on BTB a while ago that that is exactly what the “Progressive” Democrat now Leftist agenda is all about. Remember, the “Progressive” Democrat agenda, where up is down, right is wrong and good is bad. Where you are crazy.

    Both of these events, one 19 years old and the other currently underway IMO are related efforts focused on essentially in the long term killing our Constitution in order to establish some other power structure in the world. America as formulated is a problem to those who seek such change in the world.

    And I as an American that understands the importance of the Constitution in the world and American leadership stand firmly against that effort.

    I have two new giant American flags hanging in front of my building today, I do this every 9/11 to remember those who were unlucky enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time those many years ago now. If some day YOU find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, YOU RUN. You run and be lucky.

    You run because there is only one person that is responsible for where you find yourself at any particular time, and its not the government. And timing in life is everything sometimes. Its the difference between life and death.

  • Cotour

    If you get to define reality:

    “More than two dozen cellphones belonging to members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team were “wiped” clean of their data before the Justice Department’s inspector general could check them, according to a report.”

    Your crazy.

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