September 19, 2018 Zimmerman Beyond Reality appearance

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If you want to listen to my appearance yesterday on Beyond Reality Radio, the podcast is now available on youtube here, cued to the start of the segment.

This appearance was a real pleasure, because it was very clear the hosts had not only researched things beforehand so they could come up with good questions, they also listened to what I actually said. I hope to appear again on their show.



  • Gary M.

    Enjoyed the show. Looking forward to your return when you discuss climate science and the issues surrounded that topic.

  • Gary M: You might let the show’s hosts know this.

  • Gary M.

    Will do. On it.

  • Gary M.


    JV Johnson-

    “I enjoyed the show with your guest Bob Zimmerman September 19. Your good show prep was obvious by your insightful questions. There was a comment about having him back for a future show to discuss his research on climate change. I hope that will happen and look forward to that show.”

  • t-dub

    Bob, I enjoyed very much listening to your interview on the “Beyond Reality” radio show. I left a very nice comment on the YouTube site and also said that I would subscribe and listen to their show since I had never heard about it before now. I encourage others to comment on the YouTube site as mine, as of now, is the only one.

  • wayne

    Gary M.-
    I’m in on that as well.
    Very high quality show!
    (their affiliate count impresses me, but they are not broadcast in my market, but I’ll do the YT view.)

    Views of the show (at YT), btw, have increased from 59 to 159….

    We need a volunteer to tidy up Mr. Z’s., IMDB page….
    (There are like’ 14 “Robert Zimmerman’s, but it’s there…)

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