September 26, 2017 Zimmerman Space Show podcast

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You can now listen to my two-hour appearance last night on The Space Show, posted here as a podcast available for download.



  • LocalFluff

    Now you gave rocket man Kim the idea to forge a fake Sputnik copy! He’s even inherited the original tools, he’ll do it. And version two will be sold together with the dog.

  • wayne

    Good stuff!
    Always enjoy the longer-form.

    Excellent point you hammered, regarding the role of Government in “infrastructure” type activity earlier in our history & as it applies today in Space, and the concept of private-property vs. public-ownership. (This was the back-n-forth referencing railroads & interstate highways.)
    It’s vital Government creates the atmosphere wherein Private & Civic Institutions can flourish and private individuals & business can operate freely & within known consistent rules. It’s less about physically building ‘stuff,’ than it is about establishing an environment where smart people & capital can easily come together and create goods & services others will freely buy.

    –It keeps the incentives correct, otherwise you get what we have today, endless secondary & tertiary intervention distorting demand, supply, and cost.

    tangentially- referencing the interstate highway system;
    The respective State’s actually own the roadway and right-of-way for interstate Highways.
    When started, the initial costs were split 50-50 between State/Federal, that quickly went to 60-40, and finally with the Feds paying 90%, but the States own the roads.
    Maintenance, repair, and replacement, is where it gets very political and porky.

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