September 8, 2017 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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  • wayne

    I think you are possibly looking for the word “sublimation,” to describe Stuff that goes from a solid to a gas without a liquid phase.

  • Wayne: Yup, that’s the word. In fact, I thought of using it, but wasn’t sure if it was correct and did not.

  • Liz K

    Hi Bob,

    About the total eclipse: You wondered about the apparent exact same size of the sun and moon. You said it raised the possibility that there is a creator. Yes! There has to be a creator to explain all the beauty, harmony and amazing uniqueness of everything out there! I think your scientific mind would be satisfied with the thought of a creator.

    I visited your web page for the first time in order to leave this comment. It’s terrific Bob!

    Sincerely, Liz

    Behold, you desire truth in the innermost being. Psalm 51:6

  • Liz K: I responded to your first comment here.

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