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Several massive countersuits have now been filed against global warming scientist Michael Mann after he failed to pursue his own lawsuit againsts Canadian climate scientist Timothy Ball.

Several massive countersuits have now been filed against global warming scientist Michael Mann after he failed to pursue his own lawsuit againsts Canadian climate scientist Timothy Ball.

I am slightly unsure I trust this particular story, but decided to post it anyway as it is quite intriguing if true. If true, it suggests the tide has definitely turned in the battle over climate science — between honest scientists and the political activists who claim to be scientists (by which I am referring to Michael Mann).

Posted from Rome, Italy.

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  • PeterF

    Of course these suits will be dismissed by the true believers as political maneuvers by clmate change deniers.

  • Pzatchok

    Any pro climate change paper you read has all its references listed in the back.

    If you see ANY reference to Mann or Weaver just toss it out. Referencing any of their fraudulent work renders the whole of the paper worthless.

  • Samsa

    Don’t just toss those books out, BURN THEM! And take pictures of the smoke. That will make the global warmongers even madder.

  • Pzatchok

    How about we just save them all up and build the next Burning Man out of them.

    Then sit back and snicker as all those Man made global warming, Eco Weanies dance in ecstasy around it.

  • mpthompson

    Given the current state of the US legal system, I’m not sure one could ever really tell if the tide is turning. There have already been some very questionable rulings in this case and I’m certain more will follow.

  • Joe

    I love it! This not the only article I have seen on this, I suspect that these lawsuits were never meant to be won because of there refusal to actually produce the metadata, just more legal shenanigans to tie up opinion In open space. I also suspect that both Canadian and U.S. governments won’t look to prosecute Mann because they essentially put him up to this lie, he complied.

  • Joe

    We should not burn books, especially if we don’t agree with them!

  • Pzatchok

    Its not that I don’t agree with it.

    Its the fact that all the data in Manns and Weavers climate change papers was made up, A fabrication, an outright lie.

    They claimed they were slandered in these suits and when ordered by the courts to produce evidence they were correct and the person “slandering” them was wrong they bailed. They left the building. They never came back to court.

    After ten years of asking neither has been able to produce the evidence they used to produce the results they got. They lost their homework in other words.

    And no one has been able to reproduce their tests or find similar evidence.

    Burn everything they ever wrote. Erase them from the memory of science.

    We do not get rid of bad data that does not up hold our expected conclusions. But we do get rid of falsified work and corrupted data. You can’t even keep it as proof of a failed experiment.

  • wodun

    lol, moby.

    It is subtle but as you saw in the other thread, people you don’t like don’t actually hold the views you think they do. Time to rethink your stereotypes.

    There was an interesting piece by Kirsten Powers the other day about working for Fox News. After interacting with people, not stereotypes, she discovered that conservatives are not evil and stupid.

    No one is for burning books here nor casting people out of society for having different political views.

  • wodun

    They should be preserved so that future generations can learn from their bad behavior. Expunging them from our collective memory means that what they did could happen again.

  • Ed

    Michael Mann Faces Bankruptcy

    If only. In the end this man could be the cause of (or at least contribute to) more human deaths than Hitler. And that is not hyperbole. Stalin beat out Hitler with similar control views of Mann.

  • Ed

    Oh, and Robert. I’ve always wanted to say I preferred your original version of All Along the Watchtower to Hendrix. And good blog too.

  • Chris L

    Exactly. Trying to silence critics is what the warmists do.

  • Phil Berardelli

    Probably the best piece on climate nonsense I’ve seen recently was by John Christy and Richard McNider in the Wall Street Journal ( I’ve known Christy for some time. He’s a fine scientist — he was lead author of the IPCC report in 2001 — and a good guy. I don’t know if the tide is turning, but at least the countervailing argument is emerging with more exposure than I’ve seen so far. As for that statement by our Secretary of State, it’s better left undignified with a response.

  • Edward

    Sort of like Piltdown Man. He never existed, but he made headlines. We must ever be watchful for hoaxes and recognize them when they arrive. To recognize them, we need examples to see how it is done.

    Even after Mr. Ponzi, Mr. Madoff was able to perpetrate a “bubble scheme” (as they were called before Ponzi), and FDR was able to perpetrate a similar scheme, known as Social Security. Now we have Keynesian Economics going by names such as “Stimulus Plan” and scientific hoaxes going by “global warming” or “climate change.”

    Climates always change, so the hoax is in declaring that man, not nature, causes it. Plus, you don’t need any pesky models to prove that the climate changed, all you need is a difference in the weather this year than last. That is the beauty of it; everything proves the case, making it harder to disprove than a global warming hypothesis, with the Earth failing to warm.

  • Ed

    And to use to smack warmers up side the head when their chicken little claims don’t come about. (was going to say “if” instead of “when” but based on history I just don’t think so)

  • Cotour

    Q: Will Al Gore be dragged into this?

    Please, someone say yes.

  • Robert Clark

    It is particularly ironic that this administration is pushing the idea that “global warming” is a weapon of mass destruction when its science adviser John Holdren was promoting the idea with Paul Ehrlich that we should engage in mass sterilizations if we could not get the “population bomb” under control:

    White House Says Record Low Temperatures Caused by Global Warming.
    John “Planetary Regime” Holdren insults our intelligence with more quack science.
    Paul Joseph Watson
    January 9, 2014

    That was the time when the “scientific consensus”, so-called, was that we would soon run out of all our natural resources and we would be seeing millions of people sleeping in the streets in our large cities like in the movie Soylent Green.
    A common theme among those making such dire predictions is that they have little understanding or belief in the idea of human creativity and innovation. (No coincidence they frequently want to pass laws that have the effect of limiting it.) This point is eloquently made by Robert Zubrin in this video:

    Robert Zubrin – On the Way to Starflight Economics of Interstellar Breakout – YouTube.

    Bob Clark

  • Samsa

    It was a joke, dude. Who is moby?

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