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Shocker! Scientists tried and failed to infect people with COVID who had natural immunity

Modern scientists discover the obvious: In a experiment to see the impact of COVID on people who had previously gotten sick with the virus, scientists have discovered something called “natural immunity,” a phenomenon once known to doctors and ordinary people for centuries but purposely forgotten in 2020 when an election was coming up and the leftists who controlled most universities, health departments, and science organizations wanted a panic to prevent Donald Trump from getting reelected.

Researchers use challenge trials to understand infections and quickly test vaccines and therapies. In March 2021, after months of ethical debate, UK researchers launched the world’s first COVID-19 challenge trial. The study identified a minuscule dose of the SARS-CoV-2 strain that circulated in the early days of the pandemic that could infect about half of the participants, who had not previously been infected with the virus (at that time, vaccines weren’t yet widely available).

In parallel, a team led by Helen McShane, an infectious-disease researcher at Oxford, launched a second SARS-CoV-2 challenge study in people … who had recovered from naturally caught SARS-CoV-2 infections, caused by a range of variants. The trial later enrolled participants who had also been vaccinated.

…When nobody developed a sustained infection, the researchers increased the dose by more and more in subsequent groups of participants, until they reached a level 10,000 times the initial dose. A few volunteers developed short-lived infections, but these quickly vanished.

…“We were quite surprised,” says Susan Jackson, a study clinician at Oxford and co-author of the latest study. “Moving forward, if you want a COVID challenge study, you’re going to have to find a dose that infects people.”

This article in the science journal Nature is written in a very clunky manner, almost as if the writer and editors wanted to obscure these findings.

The bottom line however is no surprise to anyone who kept their heads during the 2020 COVID panic. This virus was not the plague, but merely comparable to a new strain of the flu, though apparently artificially created by a Chinese lab in Wuhan that was partly funded by American federal funds from the NIH. And like all such diseases, once you caught it your own immune system naturally figured out how to protect you from it in the future.

And like the flu, if you were young and healthy it was incapable of killing you. The quicker the general population had gotten infected and immune, the quicker the epidemic would have died out, making it impossible for the virus to harm many of the sick and old. That was the standard response to epidemics until 2020.

Instead, the health establishment went nuts, forgot basic science, and did exactly the opposite, thus killing many more of the old and sick than necessary.

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  • I present the slippery slope of authoritarian “New World Order” / “One World Government” control:

    And that in time will be the end result of such an agreement.

    Just say no.

    “Franklyn D. Roosevelt: “In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way”.

  • F

    The Left used COVID in two ways. First, it culled many elderly citizens out of the participant pool for Obamacare, thus reducing expenditures. Second, it indoctrinated citizens of all ages to a paradigm of government control over everything and everyone.

  • Blackwing1

    Mr. Zimmerman:
    You noted in your post, “This virus was not the plague, but merely comparable to a new strain of the flu…” I regret that I must disagree. Despite the nickname “WuFlu”, a coronavirus is much more a type of “common cold” than it is an influenza-type virus.

    According to the above, rhino-virus and corona-virus are the cause of most (around 60%) common colds. This particular cold virus originated in Chinese bats, and was then “tweaked” by the CCP’s bioweapons institute in Wuhan to become infectious in human beings (funded by our own stellar Doctor Mengele Fauci). But it still remained essentially just a really bad cold. Really bad colds can kill immune-compromised or otherwise unhealthy people.

    I’ve had it twice, and the first time didn’t do a whole lot except for a short period of a really high fever. Then the 2nd or 3rd mutant strain spread around and I caught another case. This time it was an incredibly mild cold, but I lost my sense of smell and taste for 3 days. Last fall I caught the seasonal flu that was going around and it completely wiped me out, with a horrible cough, high fever, but worst of all were the joints that ached so badly I thought they’d explode. COVID is an absolute NOTHING compared to an influenza bug.

    Essentially NO ONE not already at death’s door died of COVID-19. Take a look at the worldwide statistics for flu deaths; they essentially dropped to zero for 2021 and 2022. Nah, it’s just that people who would have normally been diagnosed as having died of flu were tested for COVID, and if positive, that was what the death diagnosis was deemed to be. The tens of thousands of anecdotes of people being ridiculously diagnosed of having died of COVID are well known (my favorite is the motorcycle accident victim) so I won’t go into them here. My wife’s mother was dying of cancer and they tested her at least 100 times for COVID (so they could get the 20% extra cash for the hospital as mandated by the euphemistically-named “CARES” act) and stubbornly came up negative every time…I was shocked that they didn’t simply fake it as “positive” as they did with so many others.

    Just thought I’d offer this as a clarification of “cold” rather than “flu”.

  • sippin bourbon

    I would love to see a study done to see if the mRNA “vaccines” damaged or reduced natural immunity.

    I also seriously doubt the media will allow any mention of Coronavirus during the upcoming election, as so many have come to realize how backward the government response was.

  • sippin bourbon: See this June 2023 report:

    Repeated COVID-19 Vaccination Weakens Immune System: Study

    Since then there have been many reports documenting the risks related to the jab (see here, here, here, here, here, and here for just a few examples).

  • Dick Eagleson

    Being both somewhat immunocompromised and nearly 70 at the time of Covid’s advent – and having been vaccinated against many things over my lifetime with nary even a minor bad reaction – I got a Covid shot, and a booster six months later. Everyone in my family did likewise. No consequential ill effects from the vax other than my wife’s slight skin rash.

    Vaxxed and boosted, we all still caught Covid. As Blackwing1 notes, it was roughly comparable to a cold, though it felt subtly different to me. Still, a few uncomfortable days and it was gone with no evident aftereffects.

    Also, as Blackwing1 notes, the flu that was going around this past flu season was unaffected by this year’s flu shot and was much worse than Covid had proven to be. The whole family got this flu too and I wound up spending a day in the hospital.

    A genuinely effective Covid vaccine would be, in my view, a good thing to have, but a genuinely effective one-and-done flu vaccine would be far more valuable, especially to we old crocks.

  • The quicker the general population had gotten infected and immune, the quicker the epidemic would have died out, making it impossible for the virus to harm many of the sick and old. That was the standard response to epidemics until 2020.

    As Blue Oyster Cult once sang …

    History shows again and again
    How nature points up the folly of man

    Yet, we persistently think that if “authority” intervenes by making rules and enforce them … so that we “do something” and make sure our neighbors do that “something” …that our society is ALWAYS doing right by our neighbors, and that we can reduce their risk to ZERO.

    Because we Know Better™ as “sophisticated” people.

    Even when we forget the wisdom of Hippocrates, to “first, do no harm.”

    This is a basic fallacy of this social technocracy we live in.

  • After a LOT of nagging, and refusals to host us for visits if I didn’t get theCovid shot, I gave in. But, no boosters.
    About a year later, I did get Covid, with 2 days flare on my back, to sick to move, except for bathroom trips (both me and the dog). After that, I was able to begin recovering, although still pretty weak for the next few days.
    Mind you, I have both rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. But an uncomplicated recovery.
    Last October, after nursing my sister through Covid, I came home to a positive test, and what felt like a nasty cold. On my feet again in two days, but spent some time with Long Covid – easily fatigued, cough that just wouldn’t get better. Took over four months to shake that.
    Since then, fine..
    Treat it like a bad cold. Rest, fluids, and check for both fever and the O2 levels (oximeters are cheap online). Urgent care centers do a bang up job of both testing, and giving very good advice. I went to CVS for my care.
    But most importantly, stay away from hospitals, and ventilators. Laying on your back, letting the mucus accumulate and thicken is a slippery slope to death. Learn how to ‘clap’ a patient’s back to move the mucus out.

  • BLSinSC

    Reply to “F”! It’s refreshing to see another person stating what I said a LONG time ago! Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how much has been “saved” due to those FORCED INFECTIONS in NY, MICH, ILL, and a couple of other leftist regimes?? Our local “Nursing Home” rate was around $230 PER DAY for not much more than a room at a cheap motel with meals provided! I’m not sure what the rate was for those who required actual “care”! BUT, I would bet that in NY, MICH, Ill and the others their rates were much higher. Also there’s the SOCIAL SECURITY SAVINGS! Once these old folks were “culled” those payments stopped or if there was a surviving spouse then the spouse might get a higher check while ending theirs. Maybe some enterprising Congress Critter will assign a few staff to send letters to the various States asking for this info. OR, just use the standard DEMOcrat method and make it as bad (if an R) or GOOD (if a D) as you want!

  • BLSinSC

    We went to Disney in FL in late Jan. 2020. The next week I had SOMETHING – low grade fever, body aches, general weakness, persistent cough, shortness of breath, lack of appetite, and no sense of smell or taste! The FIRST bus we rode to a park I was seated next to several Oriental people. They were nice and didn’t appear to be sick with anything, but who knows – I got it SOMEWHERE in Disney!

    We absolutely REFUSED to accept any “vaccinations”! Isn’t it kind of telling how many young, healthy “vaccinated” people just DIED SUDDENLY? Also, the recurrence of CANCERS that had been in remission and suddenly were TURBO CANCER?? We lost our precious, beautiful Niece to “TREATABLE” breast cancer!

    I do recall those early “TEST KITS FROM CHINA” were shown to be INFECTED with the covid – what’s up with that??

    I also questioned where all the REGULAR FLU got off to!! Did covid EAT the FLU??

    There are too many fishy issues with this “covid crap” or what I called The FAUCI FLU!! We need the TRUTH!!

  • “We need the TRUTH!!”

    The truth, or some degree of the truth will be determined over a period of time, and it will not be forthcoming from your government. The truth will have to be chased down and forced out into the open air by others. Others in Congress and others in the media and within government and the corporate world who will reveal it.

    Truth is not the business of your government, or any government for that matter.

    Power and control is the business of government, all and every government.

    And that must always be your default position when examining these kinds of issues.

    Trust none of them.

    Verify then trust.

    And the Covid / VAX event of recent history has gone a very, very long way to proving in absolute terms my position.

    And there are few absolute statements that can be made.

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