Should Republicans again demand that the Obamacare individual mandate be delayed?

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Should Republicans again demand that the Obamacare individual mandate be delayed?

I say, no. I say the Republicans should demand that Obamacare be repealed. Agreeing to delay the mandate only acts to cement other parts of the law into place, which is bad as there is literally nothing about this law that is good, for the country or for health care.

Moreover, agreeing to delay parts of Obamacare will then make the Republicans part of the problem. Better to force the Democrats to vote against repeal, even as the law unravels. The result in November can only be good, as this vote will provide conservatives with more ammunition during the election campaign.

Finally, by putting repeal up to a vote we might even be surprised and get enough votes to repeal. Obama would then veto that repeal, but the vote would set the precedent for further repeal votes down the line, when Obama is gone.



  • Cotour


    But we are going to have to cherry pick some of the “best” elements from the law and structure a way to properly support and pay for them and not make the government the central arbiter of who gets what and when.

    I am sure there is a strategy in allowing it to play itself out but to delay it is to support it, I suppose you can choose one or the other, but it has to go.

  • mpthompson

    The Democrats have made it clear they want any outside interference with Obamacare. Let them own it. No delay. And, demand 100% compliance with the law as written. Make full repeal the only viable option for the Dems to save themselves from million of PO’d voters.

  • Cotour

    The newly cleaned out Republican party, as of the elections of 2014, must besides repealing this Marxist wet dream must have the functional solution and the Constitutionally based solutions waiting to be implemented. Anything less will require them all to be replaced again.

    In addition as a general policy what the public should be focusing on is replacing any politician after being empowered for 12 years.

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