Showdown in Wisconsin

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Showdown in Wisconsin. Key quote:

Government school teachers, among others, are not happy and have shut down entire school districts across the state for two days so they can protest.

I have two thoughts on this…

1. Hell yes.

2. About time.

Public employees should not be allowed to unionize or if they are, they should be forbidden to contribute to political campaigns. The current system essentially allows the employees to buy off the managers (politicians) in order to rip off the owners (the public). It’s a system that is corrupt by it’s very existence. The proof of this is the public pension and benefits schemes that threatens to crush the fiscal solvency of many states.

Update and bumped. This New York Times article summarizes the situation nicely. To me, however, the key quote is this:

Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican leader in the State Senate, slipped out of the Capitol Wednesday morning with his sunglasses on, head down. Protesters had gone to his home earlier in the week, forcing his family (including his wife, a school guidance counselor) to go elsewhere for a bit.

You can see some video of the protests here: Union hate rally in Wisconsin: Protests rife with Hitler, gun targets, death threats.

So, another demonstration of how the left tones down the rhetoric: threatening the family of a lawmaker.


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