Sierra Nevada signs deal with Japan

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The competition heats up: Japan has signed a development agreement with Sierra Nevada in connection with its Dream Chaser manned spacecraft.

I was also tempted to preface this post with the phrase, “Who needs NASA?” Sierra Nevada has a viable product that can get humans into space cheaply. Several countries, Germany, now Japan, want to get their own citizens into space, and have realized what a bargain Dream Chaser is. Sierra Nevada is taking advantage of this demand to sell its product worldwide. If Congress decides to defund them, or NASA decides not to pick them to continue development, they very clearly intend to build the ship anyway. It just won’t be used to put American astronauts into space.



  • Joe

    More like who needs SLS, privateers can and will do it cheaper and safer when money is to be had!

  • wodun

    It does look cooler than the other options.

  • “It just won’t be used to put American astronauts into space.”

    I think it will. Sure, the impetus may be from foreign funding, but the hardware will originate here. Think Nissan/Toyota. American ‘ware is used around the world: why not space?

    I agree that SLS needs to die. If we can fend off the socialist/fascist inclinations of the tyranny of the mediocrisy, we’re (the US) well positioned to own the latter half of the 21st century.

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