Significant evidence found of double voting

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voter fraud study

Testimony at one public meeting of Trump’s election fraud commission revealed significant evidence of several thousand individuals who have voted twice in elections.

Ken Block of Simpatico Software Systems gave a stunning report on the comparison that his company did of voter registration and voter history data from 21 states. He discussed how difficult and expensive it was to get voter data from many states—data that is supposed to be freely available to the public. According to Block, “the variability in access, quality, cost, and data provided impedes the ability to examine voter activity between states.”

Yet using an extremely conservative matching formula that included name, birthdate, and Social Security number, Block found approximately 8,500 voters who voted in two different states in the November 2016 election, including 200 couples who voted illegally together. He estimated that “there would be 40,000 duplicate votes if data from every state were available.”

Of those duplicate voters, 2,200 cast a ballot in Florida—four times George W. Bush’s margin of victory in 2000. His analysis “indicates a high likelihood [of] voter fraud” and that there is “likely much more to be found.”

The image on the right is one of the powerpoint slides used by Block during his presentation. which can be found here.

The public meeting included additional testimony from many other investigators, all of whom showed that if voter fraud is not widespread, the situation is such that it could easily become so. One recommendation that would prevent double voting as shown above would be to allow the states to more easily access each other’s databases in order to compare them.


One comment

  • pzatchok

    I do not like same day registration.
    Any form of vote by mail.
    And I do not like how MANY localities only require a utility bill or rental agreement as proof of residency.

    Plus I would like ALL states to require that all ballots be separated between local county state and especially federal.
    Because in some places (California especially) all you need to vote is proof of residency(not a photo ID), thus allowing illegals to vote, and they just handout all the voting ballots including the federal.

    They say they will catch it after the election if there is voter fraud.

    I also say that if illegals want to become legal and have lived here through an election then it should be legal to check to see if they voted illegally. And make it the first thing to check.

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