Since 2010 total government spending per household has exceeded what each household earns per year.

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The day of reckoning looms: Since 2010 total government spending per household has exceeded what each household earns per year.

In other words, even if the federal, state, and city governments took 100 percent of your income in taxes, they still wouldn’t get enough money to pay their expenses. And since government spending has continued to rise since 2010 amid a stagnant economy, this situation has worsened, not improved. Worse, in 2012 the public voted in favor of accelerating this situation by voting for more Democrats in the Senate, while keeping a spendthrift Democratic President in power.

We are going bankrupt. It is only a matter of time.



  • Pzatchok

    I’m just hoping to have the skills and an income stable enough to ride it out.

  • jwing

    This is the “reset” button that Hillary et al alluded to with Putin.

    This is the fundamental transformation that Barrack Hussein Obama mentioned in 2008.

    This is the incremental progressivism that Edward Kennedy alluded to as “step by step” to national healthcare, aka Obamacare.

    This is the top-down, bottom-up and inside-out that the former Obama Administraion Green Czar and self proclaimed communist, Van (aka Vanquard)Jones hyped.

    Welcome to our brave new world.

    Who is John Galt?….I am he.

  • JGL

    I think what has to be recognized is the unique situation America finds itself in. I don’t think it will last forever but it is unique in history. The fact of the size of our economy and the fact that we are the worlds reserve currency and the fact that the FED controls money supply and interest rates and the fact that fiat currency is totally 100% dependent on confidence.

    The confluence of these particular elements has never occurred before as far as I can see and it is being used to the max. I would appreciate comments on this observation.

  • joe

    This does appear to be confidence game, how long it can go on is not known. The fed cant raise the interest rate because it knows that the government would likley default, my opinion.

  • Publius 2

    It is indeed a house of cards that is poised to collapse. Worse, this is by design. Obama’s intent from the beginning was to crush the U.S. economy and weaken it to a point from which it could not recover — paving the way for takeover, aka tyranny. As I said in a recent comment, this is no longer a political debate but an active civil war. Unfortunately, the side that is supposed to be defending the Constitution and the security of the country has dropped the ball entirely. The current GOP leadership can only be described as spineless in the face of bullies and thugs. We are in a pickle, my friends.

  • “Unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved.”

    Hard to imagine this before, now trivial. We haven’t seen anything yet.

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